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Where to Get a Good, New Barbell?


Hi powerlifting crew. I spend most of my time on the BB forum but figured you folk would be just the right guys/gals to ask about geting a new 7 foot regulation olympic barbell. I built my home gym about 3 years ago and started off with a cap 300 lb olympic set from like modells or sports authority. Ironmaster dbs, adjustible bench, squat stands, etc. I've added more weight, front squat harness, etc over the last few years.

I always knew that my barbell was crap and I would eventually have to replace it. I tried to take care of it the best I could by never leaving weights on it overnight etc because I knew it would bend.

I finally broke it doing deadlifts and hack squats when i tried 5,3,1. The rollers at the end didn't like the impact with the floor even though i was using pathetic weights and I never dropped it.

So now, I'm in the market for a new barbell. Economics matter. I'm not going to spend $1000 on a bar but would like something with a good name and a quality product for my money. I don't need a barbell rated for me to squat 1000 lbs. I'll happily buy another one if i ever get there. :slight_smile: So... any sugestions on a good quality, intermediate, full length barbell? I have no clue what matters and what doesn't.


In my opinion you can't go wrong with a Texas power bar. It can be used for all the lifts and won't bend or warp over time provided you aren't dropping it. It should last for many, many years provided you take care of it. You won't ever need anything stronger unless you get into multiply powerlifting and are routinely doing 900+ squats. The problem with many bars rated for less than 1000 lbs. is that they will bend over time using loads much less than that. I'm not sure where best place is to get a Texas power bar, so just do an internet search and see where you can get the best price.


Thanks SRS... I'll go have a look. Also I was just glancing at NY barbell and noticed bars rated at 1000 lbs that were only $150 bucks. So obviously I didn't know what I was talking about with that specific comment but I think the ghist of what I was going for was evident.


Looks like here is one on Amazon. $370 bucks. That is definitely in my ballpark $ wise. Not looking for another crappy bar like the one i have now. Anyone else have any sugestions?


the standard is the texas power bar. it is rated for 1000 lbs but is not close to that price. cheapest ive seen is: www.irondawg.com/texas_power_bar.htm

and heres a general thread about different bars: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_strength/texas_power_bar_why_and_what_alternatives?id=3347066&pageNo=0


Thanks. I was just reading through that thread actually. Its one of the first things that comes up when you google texas power bar. As that thread mentioned but didn't quite answer there seems to be more than one maker of texas power bars. Is that true or does Troy make the original texas power bar?


Just found this off of a "gasp" crossfit forum. lol. But it answers my question so I'll share it. See below

Just so you know, there are a few different companies that sell a "Texas Power Bar". The one made by Troy is the original and is sort of the go to power lifting bar. It is known for being super strong and super stiff, almost zero whip and it has a very aggressive knurl. It is mostly used for squat and bench due to its stiffness. The Texas Deadlift Bar is 6" longer and much whippier to give it a little flex off the floor and they make a Texas Squat bar that is a whopping 8' wide and has a 32mm shaft. All the Texas bars made by Troy feature a one piece sleeve with bushings.


I have a TPB. That description is correct. TO THE GUY ABOVE..THEY ARE 1500# RATED not 1000. They are bad ass. I got mine from
here's some more possibilities


Call buddy Capps, the guy who invented the thing - Work (Capps Welding) 972-253-7198
Cell 214-236-3978

Jessup power bars have great ratings too..$165 delivered!

OKIE Power bars


Thanks Strengthdawg!


One of my friends has a jessup power bar. Said it got to his house in like two days. I love that bar for squats and bench. It is really stiff though so you may want to retest your deadlift if you're still doing 5/3/1.


yes..Dead lifting with a bar with ZERO whip is truly a "dead lift".


You're welcome. I cheaped out and bought several $100 bars and have ben t them. I should have bought the power bar from the start. More upfront cost but it'll last longer than you will.


I have a jesup bar. I abuse it and it takes it for only $165. If you're not worried about specificity for a competition, I'd highly recommend it. A little thicker than a standard bar, but that'll only make you stronger, right?


don't be afraid to check out craigslist too. you can get some pretty amazing deals, especially on iron. You can tell a texas power bar apart from others because it be imprinted with a picture of texas and the name at one of the ends.


I bought a second hand TPB from another Ontario lifter. It's spoiled me for anything else. The knurling is great and I deadlift with mine in addition to bench and squat. The down side is that when I periodically venture into a commercial gym for fun, all the bars feel like shit.


Elitefts has a 1200lb power bar on sale at the moment for $160


Thanks everyone for your help!! I orderd the texas power bar this morning!