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Where to Get 1 Inch 20kg Plates?


I'm not taking the piss, I'm starting out, please don't think I'm trolling, I will post pictures when I get home but thought I'd ask now to give some time for responses before I break something lol!

I'm using a cheap York Vinyl set of weights with a straight 1 inch bar.

On my last routine of 5x5 of dead lifts, bent over rows and military press I ended up fully loaded with 20.6Kg on the bar (not each end, the bar total weight) which took 8x 2.3kg and 2x 1.1kg weights - that's 10 'plates' and these are wide because they are concrete covered in plastic/vinyl.

I wasn't fatigued at all. I had no break following 5x5 and I could easily have gone on but was blindly following a routine late in the night without real focus.

Tonight will be different I will not be pyramiding the weight until I get up to something respectable like 50 kg (25 a side).

To see how I can manage, I'll be upping the weight tonight by breaking down the dumbbells I have, which will give me an additional 4x 2.3 and 4x 1.1 (13.6kg) but that will mean placing 16 'plates' on the bar and will only give me a grand total of 34.2kg.

I know I'm not going anywhere without some effort but placing 16 plates on the bar for 34.6kg!!!! 16 plates! I don't know if that will even fit!

I have a concern that putting all the weight on the thin walled very light York supplied straight bar might break it, injuring me, especially when I clean. Has anybody ever experienced this or am I being a bit too 'health and safety'??

I'm confident that I will need more weight in a few weeks (when 36.6kg gets easy to 5x5 with no pyramid) so I'm looking ahead. I've been surprised by the cost of plates! The cheapest new set I've found are £72 for Olympics without delivery - so I'd also need a shim of some sort or a new bar, bif, baf, bof, more cash I don't have.

I have a 5kg solid steel ez curl bar but it's short on space which is the only reason I'm not using it at the moment. I'd probably put some new 20kg plates plates on it and work on reps instead of weight.

Where do you source your plates?

I've found some hexes on e-bay but they look olympic again.


Stop taking the piss.


I can see how you think I'm taking the piss, especially looking at the quality of some of the trash on here but I'm serious.

This is me from clean to military press before squatting.


So are you just looking for plates? Check out craigslist, you can find some good (cheap) stuff on there if you check it regularly enough. Those cement filled vinyl pieces of crap are worthless, IMO.


... and this is me benching on a gymball because I don't have a bench. I only did two with good form so dropped 6kg and managed my full set tonight.


No hard feelings.

So if you'd kindly move this thread back into the Beginners forum.

I'd appreciate it if someone could answer my questions instead of blowing me off.

Maybe I need to change my avatar to Arnie instead of a Halloween costume I wore a couple of years ago?


Where do you source your plates?


Tell me about it, I was given them and now they are going to landfill.

Who was I to decide 'Weights is weights'.

I'll check out CraigsList but I'm not sure it's commonly used in my area. (South Wales UK)


Olympic plates don't fit your bar(s), is that the problem? If so you could always buy some anyway and secure them by putting a 2.5 kg (or whatever) on each side of each Olympic plate, and then apply the locks. I did that when starting out, worked just fine.

But you need a new weight set if you are to make any progress... maybe look around for a used Olympic set (those cheap 140 kg ones), or something?


I have bent a few cheap bars when I used to work out in commercial gyms, but never seen or heard of one snapping. However, if your bar is made of thin walled tubing, that is a different matter. I have no idea if that will kink and split on you; but I kind of doubt it.

Get yourself a good weight set ASAP. You might consider paying for a good texas power bar.


Haha those pics are legendary. Seriously, you're going to outgrow those plates in about 5 minutes. Get yourself down to a good gym. Don't know where abouts you live in wales but surely there's one close enough?


You're not trying to tell me that you haven't got an Argos in your town!



I see this ending badly . . . .


That's a stonking idea Carl, but like you said I probebly need a new set - complete.

I laughed so hard when I saw myself.

I'm getting a car on July which I can use to get to my old gym or even my local leisure center. I thought these york weights would last till then. I think I'm going to out grow them quickley too.

We have argos but I was looking for 20kg plates to raise the bar off the floor slightly more. 20kg plates aren't cheap and I don't have the cash to buy new by the looks of it as tehre aren't any 'cheap' plates.

I might be in the running for an incline bench too lol.

In summary - I think I'm going to need to buy some but don't want to fork out the cash so I'll keep looking on craigslist, e-bay, freecycle etc...

Thanks for all your suggestions.


OP: larger JJB sports carry the plates you want, as well as spin lock 1 inch bars, but you'd be better off with an oly bar.