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Where to From Now?


I have been reading scrawls of t nation articles now for the last 3 months, totaling hours and hours of articles (addictive stuff really) and now have come to seek some advice.

I am 6ft4 and 185lbs, 24yrs and have just finished my 4th week on a low carb 2350cal diet. It has been based on CTs transformation article.
The question on your mind is why diet down? A very good question for which I do not have a good answer. I wanted to start (my new training - purpose of this post) at a good base. Coupled with a small beer drinking belly and the fact that dieting down "hell on earth" seemed like a good challenge at the time.

I spent one week ironing out my diet and came up with this for which I have been religiously sticking to with only the latter two weeks containing the odd clean cheat. No alcohol. Loads of water. If its not listed below, I didnt eat/drink it.

Apple, Protein Shake
Chicken breast, Tbs Flaxseed Oil, 5 caps fish oil (180/120 x 5)
Lean meat, Cucumber, Lettuce, Tbs Olive oil, Almonds
Salmon (smoked or fresh), 5 caps of fish oil, almonds
4.30pm pre
5 BCCA caps, Protein Shake
6.15pm post
Creatine, Protein Shake
Weetabix (hi gi cereal), low fat yoghurt
Low fat cottage Cheese, Casein Shake
100gs fat (40%), 70g carb (12%) 280g protein (48%)
2350 Cals
Carb up day every 7 days with all the same foods, I just bring up the total carbs to 170g-200gs.

Training: Chest and back heavy, Legs heavy, Rest, 400m x 5 + 30min run, rest, 400m x 5 + 30min run, rest.
I measure my weight every day. The last four weeks have seen me maintain my weight. Daily variations, but long term has seen no loss or gain. I have seen considerable gain in muscle, as well a loss in fat and slightly more definition. Beginner gains probably. I have good frame as well. My scale suggests my BF is 13-14%.. though I dont trust it and dont have calipers.

So where to from now? I am missing my carbs. I am missing my fruits and vegetables (above diet should have had far more probably). Do I just throw on 180g of carbs on my diet?
What way do I change my diet? Where do I add? Where do I reduce? Quantities would be great.
Exercise regime? Same questions as above.
My goal is to gain muscle with gaining the least possible fat. Yes there are enough articles here for me to figure it out, but I want a quick and superior progression out of my current diet. And the ability to get feedback on my current plans and/or implementation.


Seems like a good place to start. Fat and protein seem good, but you need more cals overall at your size. Start adding carbs

This is the goal of literally every person on this web site. You could read any proven program and get the right kind of start you need. Also, lay down some more specific goals:
i.e. I want to weigh 210 lbs and bench press 315lb by the end of 2011. vs. I want to lose some fat. The chances of achieving your goals will drop as they become more and more vague.