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Where to Fit in Dips for Assistance?


Just looking for some advice. I bought Jim's Ebook and he only has good things to say about Dips so id like to add them to my template but im unsure if its feasible with my current set up. Could anybody point out where it would be suitable to fit in please, or what to swap out for them.

Mon - Press - CGBP - Chin Ups - Skullcrushers

Tues - Dead - Zercher Squat - Weighted sit ups - curls

Thurs - Bench - Incline Press - Row - Skullcrushers

Fri - Squat - SLDL - Hangling Leg raises - Curls

Thanks alot lads, much appreciated.


Personally, I would take out close grip bench press and do a super-set of chins and dips after overhead pressing days and also take out the skullcrushers. It would look like this…

OH Press: 5/3/1
Chins / DIps: 5x10 each or shoot for 50 total reps on each movement

For me with the way the program works that makes for a perfect pressing day. You could do some curls or tricep pushdowns if you wanted to work your arms more. Skullcrushers are a decent movement but could wreak havoc on your elbows down the line. That is just my opinion. If you feel you absolutely have to do Skullcrushers then do them. As Jim would probably say, try the above for 3-6 weeks and see how it goes. I have found with close grip bench that if my bench press and oh press are going up then so will close grip.


IMO I’d switch them out for the skull crushers, more bang for your buck.

Going with Jim’s advice of 6 week blocks; As with everything, things differ for everyone, no guarantees. You have to be your own Lab, so you could switch CGBP or skull crushers with dips for 6 weeks and then re-evaluate. You may find dips increase your press, make your tri’s bigger or even hurt your shoulders in a bad way, the proof is in the doing I’m afraid.


PLEASE understand that templates are not permanent. That is why I encourage people to switch things up WHILE THE PRINCIPLES remain the same. So to answer your question - they are an assistance movement. They are done AFTER:

Main Lift

Then you do assistance work. So plug them into that part of your training.