Where to Find Weather Data?

I’m a senior in college who will soon be looking to move out into the world. One place I’m considering is Portland Oregon, but one of the things I’ve been reading is that it rains a lot. I’m interested to know if there is a website or something where one could compare the type of weather a region or city experiences annually.

Right now I’m going to school in southwest NY state, and I’m getting fed up with the constant overcast days. I’m not sure I want to move to a place that is ALWAYS overcast. Any research tips?


If you’re a senior in college, shouldn’t you already know how to do a search on google?

[quote]wakiki wrote:

I also prefer this one. Lately my wife has abandoned it in favor of the weather channel website.


Try about nine months of grey & rain for the Pac NW. But you can’t beat the summers. Really.