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Where to Find Video Examples of Good Form


I’m looking for a resource which has videos of good form with or without explanation. I’ve searched youtube for good examples of specific lifts, but mostly they are shat upon by the other users’ comments.

I’m looking for no-nonsense examples which will help me to not fuck myself up when training some of the stickied beginner routines (Chad Waterbury’s).

I’m also using dumbbells only.

Thanks in advance,

This is a pretty good site. Brief descriptions and a tiny animation.


Or you can buy Waterbury’s new book for like $13. It’s got a brazillian pictures and descriptions.

This is a link to some of the major compound exercises using the barbell by Mark Rippetoe:


Obviously they don’t exactly apply to dumbbells, but perhaps they have some universal techniques. I’m not sure about specific instructional videos on barbell traning (besides my some of the apps on my iphone).

that’s great. thanks very much.

It seems that the enitre You-Tube posting population knows infinately more than the people instructing in the videos.
Despite their pearls of wisdom, I generally don’t pay all that much attention to them