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Where to Find Used Gym Equipment

I’m lookisg for used fitnes equipment. Need a power rack and some barbells with weights. Maybe a bench too.

How much can I expect a “new” one to set me back? And what if I buy used?

I was looking at Play it Again sports.

Any good? I’m willing to spend about $600 to $800 on this. What can I get for that?

Also I’m looking for plates to go with the barbell. No dumbells or any crap like that.

I need some input from you fellas.

Craigslist is usually a pretty good place depending on where you live, just make sure you see the stuff before you buy. This is a good time of year since most new years dissolutions are being sold off.

I bought a standard power rack by bodysolid for 275 from jesupgym. It was the cheapest by 100 bucks. will last forever.

i bought a pretty good commercial bench for 40 off of craigslist. Could be used in a comercial gym but its not designed all that great(the decline declines too much), although is very sturdy, looks good, and will last forever.

weights were free(found em) although they are standard weights and not olympic weights

If you can keep it under 400 bucks go for it.

Also, try to get dumbell holders that use whatever size plates you will purchase. You only need one set and they can accomadate the olympic plates. Adjustable dumbells will eliminate any need for regular dumbells

Play it again sports is great if you have one close. Craigslist and eBay are also good.

Have Play it Again. Found mosttly hockey equipment.

Damn us Canadians with hockey! :slight_smile:

I guess I have to look harder. Maybe another location.