Where to Find Powerlifting Information/News?

I’m back training after quitting in around 2011, and it just seems like PL has regressed so much from those times. Powerlifting USA is gone, YouTube is full of moderates or conservatives on the issue of gear. I don’t even know how to find out who the freaks are any more!

Is there any equivalent to something like the role Powerlifting USA used to fill anymore? Or am I stuck with YouTube etc, seems really fragmented (which is saying a lot in this sport)

Instagram and Facebook are pretty good. Once you start following one person or gym other stuff related pops up.

Top off my head:
J Coker is on Insta
Chad Aichs is on Insta
Westside has its own Insta and FB
Dave Hoff is on Insta and FB
Marshall Johnson is on Insta
The WPO is on FB and maybe on Insta
Hellbent Barbell and the Skibas are on FB and Insta, seem to have some good dudes

There are plenty of others but I can’t remember exact names at the moment. I figured you were looking at equipped mostly, raw is a dime a dozen but

Kevin Oak
Dan Green
Rhyss Keane
Odell Manuel
Connor Marston
Andrew Malanichev
Yuri Belkin
Stefi Cohen
Ray Williams
Jezza Uepa
Patrick Morrison
Anthony Hobaica
Kirill Sarychev

r/powerlifting is an ok place to see what high level stuff has happened recently. Normally WR’s and insane stuff from new guys and up’n’comers will find its way there.

Ahhh, I see. Sort of what I’d thought.

Thanks all!

If you are looking for a magazine, I think the power magazine is still around.

If you are into gear, the Calgary Barbell youtube channel is pretty good (he is into single ply IPF type lifting, and also raw w/wraps).

Most PLing has switched to raw or raw with wraps at this point, and I don’t see it going back. I know a couple lifters who are geared, but it is the minority. You will just have to get connected with a group that is interested in gear.

Openpowerlifting.org has all the records

Find the super strong guys instagrams and get to cracking.


It seems to me like in the last few years there is less and less PL articles and info online. This is the only forum that I know of where people still post regularly, PL Watch is basically dead (the main guy running it got busted for child porn - PedoWatch?) and while there are a lot of people posting youtube videos and Instagram stuff, there isn’t a whole lot that would qualify as any sort of information or news.

Oh, wow! Yea that’s exactly what I’m referring to. The sense of community seems way down to me. News, and info was what I was getting at.

Yeah, I get the impression that some of the people who were putting out a lot of stuff ran out of things to talk about, plus maybe they weren’t really profiting from it as much as they expected.

Another thing I’m wondering is if in the last while there is actually less interest in PL overall. For a while it was like the biggest thing online, with almost anyone with an interest in lifting weights signing up for a meet. But this year here in Canada there are very few meets, last year there must have been more than double the number of meets. I’m not sure about the US, I looked at the USPA site and they have a lot of meets on the calendar, but over here I don’t think there are 10 more meets for the rest of the year in the whole country.

Yea, I knew CrossFit sort of depleted the sport, but maybe added some interest from the raw/single ply side, but I was big into it from around 2000 or so. Actually discovered it from finding the Magazine PLUSA and always understood it to be a small thing throughout the years; like no real professional level, but a lot of devout competitors and regular people keeping it alive. I mean, you could get to know everyone who was into it from across the country if you were involved. Still lots of amazing lifters even some legends each era like Brent Mikesell, Ed Coen, Steve Goggins, Scott Mendelson, Fred Hatfield, etc. has me sort of bummed how the social media world has it boiled down to the controversy and the self-promoters and basically killed the community aspect; at least that’s how it seems to me.

Crossfit single handedly drove up powerlifting competitions.

There’s more people in powerlifting now than ever. Single ply is making a relatively decent increase in numbers. Multiply isn’t dead but it’s not as strong as it once was purely due to the numbers game and CrossFit causing “RAW” to become a thing.


There is more information than ever, but content creation is changing. Look to Instagram, podcasts, and YouTube instead of powerlifting sites.


Who/where exactly? I looked around on YouTube last night and it looks like there is nothing new that qualifies as any sort of information. There are training videos, meet videos, and some hyped up nonsense, but I don’t see anything useful coming out on youtube at the moment.

I’d have to say I agree, in the old days there was a ton of articles from Louis Simmons and EliteFTS etc, plus PLUSA, also stuff you could purchase from a number of places like Underground Strength. Plus Forums etc.

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Louie is still writing articles. EliteFTS is dead though. At least in terms of PL articles.

Page 1 of the Article section has at least 10 direct powerlifting articles on it. It tracks back to Jul 31st on page 1. that’s 1/6 of the articles posted.

Quite a few of those are table talks/podcasts which have tons of useful tidbits in it.

How is that “Dead”

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Guys guys, clearly the only way to resolve this is to create a new federation.


Maybe I’'m exaggerating a bit, but ElliteFTS used to have a lot more articles on powerlifting on a regular basis, and written by well known coaches and lifters. A lot of the articles now are by people you have never heard of who haven’t accomplished much, if anything.

That’s genius! I don’t think anyone’s ever thought of that before either lol!