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Where to find Pavel's chinup laddder articles?

A few months ago I was reading some articles about Pavel’s grease the groove and ladders being used for chinups/pullups, but I cant find them now. Ive tried searching everything i can think of but im having no luck. Anyone know where i can find these articles and anymore about pavel’s theories and bodyweight exercises?

T-mag, issues 151 and 152. Plus the new Reader Mail section will talk about ladders in today’s update.

Yes I have read the articles with the “evil russian”, but am looking for the articles in which someone (cant remember any names) puts pavels ladders/grease the groove into action with their pullups/chins. Anyone?

Check Clarence Bass’ site. He uses Pavels ladder for an increase in chins, and writes up his results. Look at cbass with the normal extension.

Check out the back issues to MILO. The original article appeared in (I believe) the March 2001 issue. Check out the “ironmind” web site to order back issues.