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Where to Find Micellar Casein?


Hey everyone,

I am interested in purchasing some micellar casein. Has anyone purchased micellar casein (or any protein) from Protein Factory? Could you recommend another source?




I see you are a level 4. Why not just keep supporting Biotest and get some Metabolic Drive?


Hmm.. this is a tricky one, that's for sure..

If ONLY there was a site that had a great forum, top articles AND a quality supplement line.. we'd be set!
If only...

I bet if such a place existed, they would not only stock this protein 'Micellar Casein' that you speak of, but i bet they would be unhappy about posts in their forum advertising other competitors.

Good luck in your search, i hope you find what you need...



bonk on the head for this thread. it rhymes. T

I suppose it was a little foolish to post that. I am a regular buyer of Metabolic Drive Low-Carb, but I want to spare it for when I really need the whey (post workout). It seems wasteful to use a more pricey formulated powder when I'm just trying to mellow out my appetite in the evening (doing my best to avoid the tasty oatmeal packets by the toaster).

Thanks for not tearing at me too badly!



Metabolic Drive isn't designed for post-workout at all... Just stick with it in the evening, and get some PURE whey for around workout time(s).



After rereading the Metabolic Drive article, what you are describing makes a lot more sense. Thanks!


Exactly, Metabolic Drive is designed to be used all the time...except post workout. What are you looking for? A post-workout protein or an all-purpose protein?