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Where to Find Cool Long Sleeve Workout Shirts?

I like vanquish fitness clothes and gym shark. Amazon seems to have a mixed bag of clothes, they don’t fix right or poor quality. Target got some good gym pants.
I found this on VQ (vanquish fitness) on Instagram and I like it. Where can I find this? Does anybody have any recommendations for gym clothes.

My primary gym clothes are gym shorts, chucks and Britney Spears t-shirts.


If I workout at home I’m in cotton shorts, shirtless, and Nike Air Maxes.

BUT to answer your question, I like the Under Armour and Nike workout shirts. Hit up an outlet and you’ll find a ton.

Literally anything you can move in bro. Gym Shark’s got some cool stuff but it’s ridiculously overpriced for something to sweat in. Go with Nike or some brand like that, or since those are also slightly overpriced, you can buy like $2 shirts at Walmart that work just fine.

I understand wanting to look good but most who pay more for gym clothing than they do for normal clothing (which these days is mostly just fancy gym clothing) often are the ones who don’t actually workout that hard. I’ve never seen Wendler or Tate in Gym Shark.

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what the fuck is that? people dress like that to workout?

I usually wear an old competition t shirt to the gym. I have so many now. I also wear tights, gym shorts, or my rehband neoprene shorts, depending on what I’m doing in the gym that day. I also work out shirtless whenever possible (depends on what I’m doing. I can’t do certain events, like log press, without a shirt).

I cannot think of any workouts that I do where the above picture would make any sense for me to wear.

Word of advice. If you dress like that at the gym, you’re an asshole, and everybody who sees you knows you’re an asshole. You’ll pretend that they’re ‘just hating’, and that’s fine. Your bros will compliment you, and that’s all that matters, right?


How do people not get hot?? I am almost always cold at work and while watching TV, but when I work out even a tank top feels like a lot. And the room I work out in is kept at around 52 in the winter!

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Amazon Essentials

Dude… just no.


That looks like some euro-tactical motorcycle gear like they wear in spy movies!


Looks like a pretty nice base layer to wear under my rain jacket for a late fall/early spring hike.

You’re right, that is a cool shirt!

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I buy HrdLvn cotton Tees and sweats from amazon. Cheap very soft and the girls at the gym can’t stop looking at me. What more could you want? Oh my wife keeps stealing them as well to sleep in an I’m OK with that because she looks might fine in them.

Plot twist op wants to look like an asshole

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If you want to impress people in the gym, lift something heavy.