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Where to find Biotest products in NY + help sleeping

I’ll be visiting some friends in Manhattan this weekend and thought I might stock up on some supps as they are cheaper in the States. can anyone recommend any retail outlets in Manhattan particularly around Soho?

Also, does anyone have any tips for supplements/herbal remedies etc that might help me sleep on the flight back to London. Usually I find it very difficult to doze off. The only thing I have tried is something called Valerian but it didn’t seem to do much at recommended dosage.

Thanks for any help.

Some OTC supplements for sleep are 5-HTP, melatonin, kava, passion flower and hops. I prefer 5-HTP the most at 50-100mg.

I can’t help you with the supplements… unless you want to order them online and have them shipped to where you’re staying. I just got back from NYC a few days ago. I took Melatonin the whole time I was there and for a couple days after I got back. It worked great… slept well. It can make you a little drowsy, though, the next day.

If you’re talking just the flight, try some Dramimine (sp?). It’s for air sickness, but people also take it to help them sleep. No real after-affects either.

Melatonin works great for me, you have to experiment with the dosage. For me it’s 6-9 mg depending on how i’m feeling before bed time.

Try EVA’s on West 8th street ib the Village…almost wholesale,I get all my stuff there

Try the Vitamin Stop down on Nassau St. - dirt cheap prices for BioTest supps.

Beer and earplugs. Works everytime…

Best place I’ve found in the city is Westerly’s Pharmacy on 54th and 8th or 9th Ave. Very cheap prices on everything, including most biotest stuff. You can even talk the guys down in price alot of times.


when i need to sleep, nothin works as well as a good ole tylenol pm…mmmm, sometimes i wonder how this stuff’s legal??!

yeah, westerly has good prices. Eva’s should be just as good (and closer). Most vitamin shoppes and GNC carry Biotest now. In NYC anyway.

Calms Forte works for me. I take 3 of those little bastards and I am out like a light. Before that, I used melatonin but always woke up groggy. I was very skeptical about CF because it is based on homeopathy (which I never really believed in) but now I am sold. Stuff gives me the best night’s sleep and I don’t seem to build a tolerance.

Westerly healthfoods on 54th and 8th…they have the best selection of product ( actually told the managers about Biotest about 3 years ago. They have great prices, forget GNC and Vitamin Shop. Take a cab or the subway (4 blocks from the 59th street station

I live at Westerly’s. Just ask Angel or Chico to help you out and tell them you’re a friend of Eric. Lata.

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The Vitamin Shoppe. They are ALL OVER new york. All biotest is 30% off retail.

BigW is right. Eva’s sells everything, and their prices are VERY low. They sell the whole line of Biotest products