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Where to Find a Sledge?

Hey guys,
Where can I find a 20 lbs. sledgehammer? I went to Lowe’s and they only went up to 10 lbs.


Duct Tape 2 5lb plates on it.

Home depot has them, I think. I bought a 16lb one, but I think they had a 20lb one.

Take that 10 pounder outside, and use it till the handle breaks. Then get a peice of round stock (solid steel bar) Weld the round stock to the hammer head. I have a 35 pound sledge from doing that. I am sure it changes the swing dynamics a little, but I haven’t broke a handle splitting wood in a long time.

If you don’t have a welder or don’t know how to weld, ask one of your friends to do it. Look for someone wearing cowboy boots, they can weld the best.

Keep looking around. Try a farm (or feed) supply store if there is one nearby.



Thanks for the tips, especially that link.

[quote]R@NE wrote:

You’re definitely gonna have to explain this one.

really stupied question here but what do you do with the sledge? just bang shit or what? Also i got a heavy ass monkey rinch … besides holding it at the end and bringin it up with my wrists is there any thing else too do with it ?


Banging on shit with it is a method of rotational core work (oblique work).