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Where to DL Music?


I used to get a lot of my music from torrentspy.com, but since this is no longer usable (in the USA), I need to find an alternative. Where do you guys d/l your music, and what does it cost you??


there are hundreds of other torrent sites out there. try www.torrent-finder.com


isohunt usually but if I cant find it there I go to piratebay or something else.


do any of you use MIRC? I find with torrents I tend to get a lot of shit with the torrent I don't want (ie spyware).


Is it bad or awesome that I stared at your thread title for about two minutes trying to work out what you mean by deadlifting music?


Downloading music is stealing and I always feel guilty for doing it. Although the last few albums I downloaded I didn't even like, so my guilt was reduced a little.

I've chilled out on the movies but I can't help it, I gotta watch the UFC videos the next day. No way am I spending 45-60 dollars unless its split up with a bunch of friends.


Same here. I guess it's normal.

To the OP, why does torrentspy not work anymore?


me too


Me also, hahaha.


Torrentspy.com does not work anymore inside of the untied states. Torrentspy's decision to stop accepting US visitors was NOT compelled by any Court but rather an uncertain legal climate in the US regarding user privacy and an apparent tension between US and European Union privacy laws.


A) Find it with google:

B) Usenet/Newsgroups/NNTP. Gold if you've got a good feed.

C) Get memberships on some private torrent trackers. Better stuff, less crap. Getting the first ones is the hard part, afterwards, you can trade invites to other sites with members.

D) Video stores often rent CDs. Rent a bunch, rip'em yourself.

E) Lug an external 500GB drive around and ask your friends if you can "backup" their MP3 collection.

F) Buy used iPods off Ebay and dump their contents before reselling them again. Upgrade yours when you get a nicer one. And yes, shipping charges suck.


I use uTorrent and it allows you to individually select the files in a torrent you want, so you don't download other crap stuffed in with it.


theres an informative youtube clip on how to find mp3's straight from file servers that works better then torrents.