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Where To Buy Wrist Rollers


I really want to do this exercise but I'm having a hard time finding a place to buy one at.

Any ideas?


I bought one for $14.95 at Sport Chalet and a buddy of mine got his at Big 5 sport stores.

Also: on Ebay they offer the wrist roller and Amazon.com has a wide array of them (look in the Sports and Outdoors section and plug in wrist rollers).

Hope that helps,



I bought one by BNS after seeing it mentioned on Joe Defranco's site.


You can read the reviews of T-Nation readers by following this link:



Just buy some PVC pipe drill a hole in the middle and tie on some rope with a weight on the end.


2-3' of 2 1/4" PVC,
8-10' of rope

Cost- $8


As mentioned above, your local hardware store is your best bet. Buy a couple sizes of pipe or dowel rods, drill a hole, tie a rope. Or you can spend up to $20 more for a pre made one.
While I'm on the subject, I made another thing from the hardware store that works great for grip training. I bought a globe that is meant to screw into the top of a post, (for a fence or staircase). I took out the screw, put in an eye screw. I hang about 40 or 50 pounds from it and do static holds. It works pretty well for less than five bucks.


Thanks for all your help guys! I really appreciate it.


I use a wooden dowel also. Works great.


Frick, this thread probably saved me a bunch of money; I had been half ass thinking about investing in IronMind's One Wicked Wrist Roller... I never thought about making my own. This thread and that garage gym mat thread just go to show how you can easily avoid buying stuff from the fitness stores and save a bundle.


I've owned Ironmind's wrist roller for years and I love it.


after having several variants of homemade rollers - from broomstick dowels to big (2.5" ?) PVC, I finally paid money for one last month. For $20 a Dick's, it's steel with neoprene handles (they may come off eventually). Quick loading pin is nice. The best feature? The area where the cord rolls is bound on either side with ring, to keep the cord away from your hands while you're rolling. It's worth it to me ust for that, to eliminate the diastraction of rolling up the cord without running out of space.

I will say that the homemade PVC has an advantage in that you can put it over a straight bar on a rack or cage, so you ca concentrate on rolling instead of holding the thing out from your body. If you have a power cage, you can put a straight bar through it at the right hight and leave it there permanently.


The best wrist roller I have ever gotten is from wristripper.com. You can also get it off of ivanko.com. It works great and its not a string so your always in equilibrium.


I'm going to check Sport Chalet and Big 5 tomorrow but I've never seen them there. I could be wrong though.


30 cents of electrical tape would have solved that problem.