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Where to Buy Used Equipment


what are the best places online to buy used equipment

or if some of you guys are selling please post


Craigslist, Sporting Goods section. Check all of the cities within 50 miles of you everyday and after 2-3 weeks I guarantee you that you'll find something.

I've gotten some unbelievable deals through there. Barbell + 4 45s, 2 35s and heavy spinlock collars for $100, pristine Airdyne for $75 that goes for $500+ new, etc.


x2. Craigslist if best. There is also usedgymequipment.net. Never purchased anything from them but its worth a look. Saw some awesome prices earlier



also found this place


it has nice stuffs


I've found a lot of great deals on e-bay. Most of my equipment I got when a local gym went under and they put all the equipment on e-bay. Where a bouts do you live? I have a lot of extra equipment that will not fit in my basement anymore.