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Where to Buy Swiss/Football Bar That Takes Standard Weights?

I am looking to switch to a Swiss or Football bar for bench pressing to reduce shoulder issues. Unfortunately I cannot find any for sale that accept Standard weight plates. Anyone know of a company that is offering either of these bars that accept Standard weights for sale?

Check Elitefts.

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I doubt you will. Olympic plates are much, much, much more common for speciality bars like that. You might be able to get away with a “triceps bar”, sometimes called a multi-purpose bar, but the grip would only be about shoulder-width, possibly closer.

Or you might be able to find a 4-5’ EZ curl bar, so you’re still getting semi-supination/pronation. Worst case scenario, get dumbbells and avoid the problem entirely.

Thank you for replying. You have confirmed what I thought too. I am
currently using a Trap bar that allows me to change the angle of the grip,
but it is just a little ungainly.