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Where to Buy Some Heavy Weights?

Do you guys have advice on a good online retailer were i can find the following?

standard 45 lb O-bar
dumbells - not a set but specific weights: 75, 80, 85

Here’s my recent development and boy is it annoying. I live in NYC with my wife and lift at a perfectly adequate commerical gym. There are some idiots there, but there are 3 power racks plenty of O bars and tons of plates. The dumbells go up to, well, more weight than I’m using any time soon like 120 or so. It’s been fine and well and worth the 70 or 80 bucks it costs me to belong. so long as you stay away from the machines you’re fine.

but now we are moving into a bigger place which is more expensive but it is one of those full service buildings which has its own “gym”. a ton of very nice equipment, but nothing for someone like me. (lots of machines. not one, but TWO smith machines. no bar that it is unattached or not counter balanced in some way. dumbells that go up to 50. plenty of treadmills). it is “free” as part of our expensive rent. yay.

our budget will not afford us the ability to live in this building and for me to keep my membership. (the joys of marriage). i am working with the building management to see if i can buy some equipment and keep it there. my argument is going to be one of the following.

either I sell my wife on the cost of me buying the equipment as being more expensive than the $960 a year for me to keep the other membership, or i bring my own O bar down to the gym to do my cleans and deads and scare the other tenants.

thoughts? insults? suggestions?

I would look on Craigs list first, weight equiptment is cheaper used and shipping costs kill you. Some people need to dump their stuff when they are moving as well. If you can’t find a good used bar, check out here:


go buy a buncha 10 LB plates from walmart or canadian tire and weld them all together, easily get 5 plates on each side of a bar and weld them on there, or put a bolt on and weld it so they dont fall off…

my gym before they got renovations had 84 LB and 87 LB weights, the 84 was just two slabs of metal with a bar in the middle welded together, the 87s were just 4 plates on each side with once again, a bar welded in the middle LOL!

use your imagination !!

or weld tires + rims to a long bar, and ur set :stuck_out_tongue: