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Where to Buy Shaker Bottles?


I keep losing these and/or forget to wash them out and end up with them being too smelly to use. Anyone know a place that sells a set of them or a package deal for a couple. Buying them one at a time is a pain, especially the nice ones which I usually have to order online.


Just about any online nutrition store has them for cheap. I can't list them here because my post will get modded. Just do a search. Or if you wanna spend twice as much, go to GNC.


Nalgene (or similar) brands work the best. Pricy, but no need to replace them.


i use empty gatorade 32 oz bottles. they are air tight and dont get smelly so quick. i try to leave them in the fridge just in case. they are phenomenal, tho, i wouldnt have been able to stand cleaning all those shaker cups..


The Polycarbonate/LEXAN bottles are the only "plastic" bottles that don't make water taste like plastic. They resist retaining odors too. Good stuff.



I only use Nalgene bottles. I keep two in the freezer. After my workout, I rinse the bottle, fill it with an inch of water then freeze it. That way it's ready for my next workout.


If you are just looking for a bottle, go to Wal-Mart and look in the tupperware section. They sell 32oz bottles that have a snap on top. Only cost about $1.50-$2.00. Nothing fancy, they get the job done and they are cheap.


Traget sells lexan bottles for under $5.

However, if you want a shaker with a mesh insert, just order online.