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Where to Buy Sandbags?

Someone had posted a website where you can buy their sandbags that are designed specifically for weight training. Can someone link that please?

Get them from Josh Henkin at joshhenkin.com/cms/

I have the small and medium bags. They work great!

I “borrowed” mine from a construction site close to my apartment…they’re sturdy and most importantly, cheap.


Check at military surplus stores.

The beauty about bags is that if you want one heavier, just add more sand!

If you want one lighter, dump some of that shit out!

Being in Arizona you probably don’t have to worry about finding dirt.

Ironmind has a kit for them!

[quote]K-Narf wrote:
Ironmind has a kit for them![/quote]

It sucks. I have it.

Josh’s are much, much better.