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Where to Buy PLO Gel Online?

Hi All

It has been about 3 years since I’ve posted on these forums - the day-job and a rather bad car accident have taken their toll, but I am back under the big iron and have gotten my squat back up to 180kg (200lbs).

However, I am still a bit of a porker… I’m at approximately 17% bodyfat (by calliper), so I want to drop a few pounds.

To aid with this I’m looking for somewhere that I can order PLO Gels on-line (preferably the Transderma brand). I don’t want to use this for steroids, but rather for Yohimbine as a transdermal fat-loss aid. Unfortunately, in South Africa, the pharmacies do not stock the stuff, although both PLO Gel and Yohimbine are legal here (and in other parts of the civilised world)

Does anyone know of an on-line store that will ship this stuff internationally?