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Where To Buy Microloads?

Hi, I live in the UK and really wanted to buy some Platemates (little magnetic weights to attach to dumbbells and barbells), but their website doesn’t seem to be working. A few places sell their stuff over here, but they don’t sell the kind that I want.

Would anyone be able to recommend some other plates for microloading, obviously I don’t mind if they have to be shipped from the US, so long as they’re good.


I thought elite had the and I know Iron woodys has fractional plates.

Both would be great choices. Also possibly New York Barbell.

Have you looked into the ones Chris Shugart has in the New Gear article from yesterday.

Hope that helps,

I’m pretty sure Ironwoody still carries them. Also, I bought mine a few years ago from a company called QFAC (or something like that).


PDA’s gear is absolute top quality.

As advertised in this week’s “The Gear”

These look really nice and they are the most affordable that I have seen.