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Where to Buy Grass Fed Beef?

WTF do you guys buy your grass fed beef? What super markets?

I know trader joe’s sell some “Free Range” beef. Not sure if it’s the same thing. Try WholeFoods. I’ve also heard of some groups/organizations that do monthly delivers.

Try this site for starters www.Eatwild.com

thanks a lot bro


Not a supermarket…but that seems to be “the” place. Me personally, I get mine at Target. Only two kinds, (90% and 80% or something similar) but it gets the job done.

try your local county fair in the summer time. Look for a 4-h sponsored event. They aren’t necessarily 100% grass fed but probably pretty close to it and almost guaranteed to be free of hormones and crap. Depending on the rating of the cow, you can buy 1/2 a cow for somewhere between $100-$200. Of course this means you would need to buy a chest freezer and have room for it.

Usually I just get grass-fed meats at my farmer’s market, but in-between I go to Whole Foods.

I noticed that you’re in Maryland, check out http://www.cibolafarms.com/ and find out if they go to a farmer’s market near you. If you can get into DC on Sunday morning Cibola sells excellent grass-fed buffalo at the DuPont Circle farmer’s market; when I lived there I literally ate their product at least once a day and it was great.

The supermarket is the last place that a health conscious person should buy anything. Go to the Weston Price Foundation web sight. They have extensive networking information on how to obtain the highest quality grass fed beef and grass fed raw milk that this green earth has to offer.----BT

Thanks a lot for all of the info-i was afraid I was going to have to raise my own cow in my townhouse

[quote]Alpha wrote:
WTF do you guys buy your grass fed beef? What super markets? [/quote]

Super long post

Definitely check out eatwild.com for your state. I have recently started eating grassfed beef only and here are the average costs I have found for cows fed grass:

When you buy your own cow it is usually broken down in 1/3 ground beef, 1/3 roasts, and 1/3 steaks. The following weights are after it is cut and packaged for you.

For Cows fed only grass(grass fed beef)
1/4 - About 100 pounds 425 - 500 dollars.
1/2 - about 200 pounds 800 to 900.

These taste amazing and are aged. Grass fed beef that is fresh(not aged) I did not like. Grass Fed Beef Roasts were the most amazing pieces of meat i have enjoyed.

Cows fed mainly grass then last 0-120 days of life grain and hay
1/4 250 - 325 dollars
1/2 A little more than 500 dollars

Cows fed mainly beef then grain are definitely more healthy than supermarket beef and some say better tasting than grass fed beef, because it has more fat.

Price is more reasonable also. Also when you buy your own cow usually it is not treated w/antibiotics. Here is the problem - if after a while you eat cows that are grass fed or mainly grass fed beef, when you start eating supermarket beef you will notice the difference, you can taste the chemicals put in the cow and the lack of flavor and the chewiness.

If on a budget buy a freezer and a half cow that is fed grassfed beef then finished with grain. You are getting 200 pounds of meat at less that 3 pounds a piece. 66 pounds of that are steaks that normally run 5-8 dollars a pound in the supermarket or 10-14 pounds at a store like whole foods. It is definitely worth it and in the long run a bigger bang for your buck. Its Like buying Metabolic Drive instead of optimum nutrition whey, pay a little more for a lot more quality and a little less product.

Take care Paul

For you guys that eat grass-fed, does it taste the same? I’ve heard from a few people it’s not as juicy as regular beef, but I’ve never had the opportunity to try it.

Local ranchers/rednecks that had cattle were my source back when I could afford it. They actually respected there cattle and didn’t fuck with mother nature.

When I asked one of them when he shot in the Finaplix he stared at me like I just told him I burned down his house, banged his wife and daughters, drained his bank account of all its funds, burned an American flag wearing a Turban while yelling, “Jihad on you!”, and driven his Super Duty into a ravine.

They had a small head count but the beef was out of this world.

I buy it at the local farmer’s market. I can get it for around 4 bucks a pound for ground beef and have gotten it as low as three. There are several different farmers that have 100 percent grass fed product but that could just be a lucky area I am in.

As for the taste, I don’t really eat grain-fed beef a lot but I like grass fed comparatively. It has less fat overall than most ground beef and that makes it less heavy to me.

[quote]martyh wrote:
For you guys that eat grass-fed, does it taste the same? I’ve heard from a few people it’s not as juicy as regular beef, but I’ve never had the opportunity to try it.[/quote]

It definitely has more of a unique flavor to it, but I actually enjoy it more. And I’ve had absolutely no problems with it lacking juiciness. Perhaps the people that told you that had an extremely lean cut or just cooked the crap out of it.

Taste seems to depend on where the beef comes from. Like wine, beef has terroir, and in some regions the terroir is not overwhelmed by the feed lots, in other regions the meats taste very different. Breed probably comes into this as well, but it’s not easy to find out what kind of cow you’re eating.

Thanks to everyone for all of this info-great stuff here