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Where To Buy Graduated Droppers?

I’ve been looking around for bottles and graduated droppers so it’s easier to use some homebrew liquid oral solutions. It would sure as hell beat using the tube from a syringe each time. I’ve found bottles of all sizes and colors, even with droppers, but not with graduated droppers.

Anyone know where to get these. Perhaps Rainjack can put out the source ChemOne uses… or just sell them to me. Maybe I’m retarded, but I’ve looked everywhere.

Try lemelange.com
They have plastic graduated droppers.

Thanks. I’ll be damned if they don’t have every odd thing I’ve ever looked for.

An even cheaper option, if you are just looking for a couple droppers, is just buy baby acetimenphine (the store brand is cheap).

It comes in in 30 ml containers with graduated droppers. Dump it out and use the dropper. I got some little kids so I just refill the ones we have around the house.

I also don’t throw away any empty dropper containers, I come across, for example empty research chem containers.
The live a 2nd life around my house.

If you have a health food store like Whole Foods or Wild Oats near you,they sell glass bottles with the screw-on droppers for only a few dollars. The nice thing is that the glass bottles are tinted to protect anything light sensitive.

Thanks for the tips. I was going to say that Le Melange is a little expensive on a couple items, but I’m not too worried about it with the reuse factor.