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Where To Buy Gear


Hey. I wanted to know whats the best website for buying shirts, shoes etc for workouts?



What type of working out?

Olympic lifting


yah... jazzercise that's what we want to know about. jazercise. i was also looking for those nifty weight lifting shoes. and those big ass shirts. i cannot find those shit's anywhere, in the stores. i've been on a quest.


I think he's looking for Jazzercise


Shoes: www.chucksconnection.com/
Shirts: www.cafepress.com/getbig

Mesh basketball shorts work all the time.


Because you need special shirts and shoes to work out? Nobody told me this!!! I have been wearing the same polyester Starter shirts with the sleeves cut off just because they were easy to hand wash and dried fast...when the rest of you were buying "special shirts"? WTF?! Why am I left out of all of the trends?! Fine, when Spring rolls around and I am hitting the aerobics class in my brand new "special" color coordinated Gucci sweatsuit, I shall have the last laugh. Bet on it!



wrong site for jizzersize.


Duno, It's for a friend. It's for working out in the gym, so I guess for powerlifting....


Get it from Dave Tate at www.elitefts.com NICE stuff I got to have my hands on a TON of it before giving it all away at the TEST FEST. HIGH quality.


jizzersise. lol, i LIKE it!!