Where to Buy Flax Seeds/Oil

Where do you buy your flax supplements? I have seen posts of people using both the oil and seeds. It seems to be hard to find around here.


OK, first question, where is here? Because, here (in Tucson) you can find that stuff in health food shops as well as organic food stores.

You can also find flax seeds and oil at (gasp) GNC which is practically on every corner in the US. You can also try vitamin shops which seem to be popping up to try and compete with GNC.

Hope that helps.

I order direct in bulk. My Flax, oats, shredded coconut, etc from www.bobsredmill.com.

They also seel it in most grocery stores

Hope that helps,

If you have Whole foods markets, they sell flax seed and golden flax seed in bulk. Runs around 1.39 a lb. in my neck of the woods.