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Where to Buy Equipment?

Is there anywhere I can buy ok quality equipment now? I would like to order a power rack, bar, plates and a bench. I have never looked at buying equipment before and the few places I have heard of are sold out. Thanks!

E bay

Google is your friend, but be careful. I just went through two weeks of bickering with Paypal after I got scammed when I ordered a leg machine. When I got a tracking number within only a few minutes of ordering it, I knew something was going on. The website looked legit to me. (May have been the ambien.) It said the package weighed 5 ounces.

Elite FTS, Rogue, Titan. You may have a decent local manufacturer as well, have a look around.

Depends where u are in the world. Wait for look for in stock sections of big suppliers, wait for restocks or go the Craigslist kinda route even if it is overpriced. Isn’t a lot on the market most places so may be more worth to see if u can access someone’s home gym for a bit

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Check Ironmind. They seem to still be in stock. No rack, but you can get a set of stands and a spotting system that will hold over 1000lbs.

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If you are in the UK then gumtree and Facebook sell are highly used by people selling that kinda stuff. There’s where I sold my power rack and weights…not my smartest moment in time.