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Where to Buy Books Other than Amazon?


Where else do you guys go to buy used books?

Amazon is pretty good, but I am sure some of you guys know of other, better, cheaper places to check them out...

Just wondering



Damn illiterate T-Nationers...


Books about training ? Elitefts.com


T-Nation also sells books check the store.

then of course the obvious
Barnes and Noble


I cant stress Amazon.com enough for used ones. Standard everyday wood pulp books from amazon used are just fine. In fact, there are books I can only get from there, especially books in foreign languages (I read german and russian).

Unless you have a real specific old one like the Necronomicon or Book of the 9 Gates to the Kingdom of Shadows, there are book detectives in every major city who would for a nominal fee assist in tracking it down for you.


Thanks for the responses guys, but I guess I should have been more specific...I meant any books...

I am a voracious reader and buy a decent amount of books from amazon every month. I was just wondering if anyone else out there knew of better sites to buy Used books from...

I NEVER buy from big bookstores, Usually always get them used online. Just figured someone must have some ideas of better sites, but maybe not...


Although this sounds obvious and stupid...I think most of us have forgotten libraries. I remember libraries used to be outdated, and a pain in the ass. Now days though you can find a very wide selection and generally order a book very quickly-Especially if you are in a metropolitan area. DC is one of the single best places to find library books.

You could try local bookstores, again seems obvious...people these days are bound to sell anything if its not necessary! Baltimore, DC and Maryland have many. Problem is you have to consistently scour them...I did this for years, it can become an obsession-be careful!

web based suggestion,


Good luck. Hope this helps


Lol "illiterate" T-Nationers. Pretty funny. I used to work at a used bookstore and pretty much anything we couldn't find at our store, we would direct ppl to Amazon. I haven't seen any site that beats their prices. Was there something specific you were looking for that you couldn't find? I see you're in Maryland, unfortunately the closest Half Price Books in our part of the US is in PA. It's such an awesome store, I would live in it if I could.


It must be amazing to have access to the Library of Congress. every book ever printed in the United States at ones heart and whim.



Nah nothing in particular...but you guys are definitely helpful.

Thanks a lot


I buy lots of books from garage sales and thrift stores such as the DAV. Many of the books have been bought for a quarter. I have a very large collection of used books.


Ebay is a great way to go, I got a ton of used books from there. As well as used games, etc. It really is a great website, pretty close in comparison to craigslist. Only problem with craigslist is it can be unreliable. As far as books go you may be able to get em free off CL




Call me a dinosaur but I like book stores, new and used.


Google used book stores in your area. A good one is a godsend - the people who know them really know and love books.

Also, libraries often get rid of their old books for free or like 25 cents each.


If I'm looking for books, I walk downtown and look first in the musty smelling, shoebox sized, used bookstore, During the week the store is run by a frail old guy who looks like he's at death's door. On the week end it's run by 60 year old hippy bag lady. I just bought Stephen King's Dark Tower series for between $3 and $5 a piece (hardcover), no shipping. If they don't have what I'm looking for, Amazon.com used books usually does. I found a new first edition bible that retails for $75 for $11. I bought it for the pictures. It was illustrated by Barry Moser, a somewhat local printmaker.