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Where to Buy BJJ Belt?

So I went with the forum’s wisdom and picked up two pairs of Padilla and Son’s white kimonos. Just washed them and looking forward to breaking them in.

Am just wondering if anyone knew of a cheap place to pick up a belt that won’t fall apart after 6 mos.

Belts look better if they’re all ratty and falling apart :slight_smile: I wouldn’t order an expensive one or anything, the local martial arts supply should carry belts and if you’re just beginning there should be some white belts at your academy from guys who got promoted.

maybe im not understanding the question,but why not get it the same place that this kid got his back in the 80s.
and earn it.

sorry for the blurry scanned pic btw
whatever school you go to shoulc have then on hand anyways.
all mine were given to me even my white one.

I’ve always worn Koral gi’s but because my first hand-me-down belt was an atama, that’s what I’ve always went with. As someone else suggested you could just snag one from someone who’s already been promoted…