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where to buy biotest stuffs?

I’m at my friend’s place for awhile… and I can’t have things shipped here.

so i can’t buy stuffs online, I’m wondering if there are stores that have biotest stuffs.

yes there is.

Where are you?

some GNC’s have biotest stuff…be ready to pay almost full price.

I went on vacation last year and ran out of Grow! and Surge. I figured that in a city with 6 GNCs, 3 Vitamin Shoppe?s, 14 gyms/fitness centers, and various other “Supplement Stores” I could find some. None of them carried GROW! Some had two bottles of Tribex or Myostat, but that was all! I called Biotest and they shipped me two containers to my motel room at a discounted price, and I received them in TWO DAYS! BIOTEST RULES!! FED EX BABY!

I think you can try www.sndcanada.com if you’re in the great white north.