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Where to Buy Big Dumbbells?

I’m looking for bigger dumbbells, like 125 lbs. plus. Anyone know a good reliable place to order them from?

You’d come out a lot better by buying olympic dumbbells and then adding your own weights to them. I did have to buy a lot of 25lb. plates, but it’s still cheaper in the long run. If you have a home gym this will save you a lot of room because you will only have two empty dumbbells laying around and you have the flexibility to interchange the weights as needed.

You can get the plate ones from Jesup Gym and assemble them yourself.


I was looking into heavier DB’s for myself also, it’s hard to do DB presses with interchangeable ones, its good for heavy one arm shoulder press and such though. Either way for 2 db’s it was going to cost me 340 bucks (CDN) lol ridiculous prices lol.