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Where To Buy A Nice Suit?

My sisters wedding is coming up and I need to buy a suit. I went to mens wharehouse and nordstroms rack. None of the suits fit well because of shoulders/traps/back. Any one know what to do and where to go?

It sounds like you are trying to buy and wear the suit off the rack. If you want the suit to fit well, get an “athletic cut” suit and have it tailored to fit your body.

Any place that offers tailoring services will do fine. I got my blazer from JoS A. Bank and they had good prices and service:


Joseph Aboud athletic cut is your best bet. In order to accomodate shoulders, chest, and legs-though-you are still likely to need the waist taken in and the bottom of the jacket tapered.

Try Filene’s Basement. At the original Boston location, I’ve gotten $2000 suits for 1/10th the cost.


You might find this Random Act helpful. There are some good comments in the discussion as well.


I’ll second Jos. A Bank. Good quality suits. A nice selection of Athletic Cuts and usually pretty good tailors at the store.

They usally sell for $395-$795 but they are always having sales. Sometimes as much as 50%. Can’t beat one of their suits, at half off, for the price.

Brooks Brothers

I just bought three suits from Jos A Bank that were on clearance, for $99, $148, and $148. They were in the $800 range at full retail. I wore them this week and got great compliments.

You will have to get them tailored, for around $30 each. It’s worth it, get it done.

Finally, buy tailored traveller’s series shirts from Jos A Bank. Expensive, but worth it, they’re designed for athletic guys.

I was also looking for some suits some time ago. I ended up buying them from express, but Jos A Bank and having a suit tailored to your fit are good options. The only thing that I didn’t like from Jos A Bank is their pants, I prefer flat front pants.


[quote]jsbrook wrote:
Joseph Aboud athletic cut is your best bet. In order to accomodate shoulders, chest, and legs-though-you are still likely to need the waist taken in and the bottom of the jacket tapered.[/quote]

I second the Joseph Abboud Athletic cut suits, they are good quality and affordable.

Check out JCPenney, they have nice suits at good prices, and can have them altered for an additional fee. Make sure you go to a somewhat big store, like in a mall. Don’t go to a smaller store, like one in a strip mall, because they generally don’t have the selection that a store in the mall would have.

Louis Vuitton has a wide variety that seem to fit those with shoulders/traps. Granted, I dont know how big you are, but they are worth checking out. Also Modern Amusement and Etro make qulaity suits.

brooks brother outlets usually have nice suits that come in seperates so you can buy the jacket and pants in your size and not with a puny 6in drop between jacket and pants

even the athletic suits out there only have a 8 and at the most a 10 inch drop from chest to waist size

they retail at the outlets for under three hundred and have a hugo boss euro style to them

I personally will check out Jos A Banks in the future it sounds like they have some good deals

Men’s warehouse. I guarantee it.

OP, your location is Illinois? In that case go to Balani, or Nikki Forros ( I think that’s how you spell Nikki Forros ) in Chicago. These are custom shirt/suit/tie/jacket companies. This is the only way to get a really, really good fit if you are built at all. Nothing against Jos A Bank, Mens Warehouse or whatever.

Purchasing a suit off the rack and then having it altered is not the same as having a suit made from scratch ( not a template altered to your measurements which some “custom suit” companies do ) taking into account your six pack or lack there of, etc.

I don’t know what Balani or Nikki Forros, starts at, but they go only moderately high ( mid 1k’s ), they should have something under 1k though.

Check it out for yourself.