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Where to Begin on Bloodwork Results? At a Loss

Hi all, any help is appreciated as I feel completely lost on where to start.

I am 40 years old and have had low total-T for many years. Usually around the 275 range. I just went to my primary care doc and he was willing to run a bunch of stuff for me.

I’m skinny but a bit of the love handles in the middle. 5’8" 155lbs.

I can share more results, but the ones that stuck out to me as out of range or within their range but not optimal:

Test…Value… Range
Total Cholesterol … 203… <200
LDL…134… < 100
NonHDL Cholesterol …157 … <130
Glucose …102… <100
Luteneizing Hormone …1.3 …1.5-9.3mIU/mL
DHEA LC/MS/MS …489 … 61-1636 ng/dL
Testosterone Total LC/MS/MS …290 … 250-1100ng/dL
Testosterone Free …60.6 … 35-155pg/mL
TSH … 3.83 …0.40-4.5mIU/L

So my free T seems to be good, but LH is low as is Total T. Glucose is high, cholesterol is a bit high. I’m thinking TSH is a bit on the high side as well since I’ve heard the more recent optimal range is 0-2 vs 0-4.5. Prolactin is on the high end of normal.

Also a CBC/CMP were done but everything in the green. Let me know if there’s anything specific in there that could be out of optimal range to look at.

This looks like the beginning of full blown metabolic syndrome to me and I’m trying to stop it from progressing. I’ve had horrible memory for many years. Now I’ve started to experience some ED symptoms. 0 ambition but not depressed. Just “meh” on most things :slight_smile:

I’ve started fasting and eat within a time window of late lunch and dinner to try to correct the blood sugar and no snacking. This seems to have helped the blood sugar as my morning glucose is now 85 vs 105 before the fasting.

I do weightlifting but not pushing myself too hard. I’m thinking about adding HIIT workouts instead of just general strength training.

I am just not sure what to attack. My GP told me to go see an endo doc but they all have 6 month waitinglists around here. And I’ve heard horror stories about most of them anyway. I’m not sure if I should first get down the blood sugar, or find a doctor willing to diagnose test shots, or look into thyroid replacement first.

I’d also like to get my iron tested as I wonder if any of this stems from high ferritin or screwed up iron metabolism. Planning to pay out of pocket for that. Any other tests I should run while I’m going?

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

In summary, your total test is way way too low, your TSH is way too high ( should be around 1), your Estrogen is too high ( should be around 22) and your prolactin is too high.

You need to educate yourself and read the stickies at the beginning of this forum.

Just because your FT looks good on paper doesn’t mean it’s good for “YOU”, a good doctor will realize everyone is different, what’s low for one guy may not be low for another. Your T is low and your thyroid is a mess. Don’t settle for a doctor that’s looks at these ranges and sees your within then so you must be fine, you wouldn’t be seeking treatment if you were fine.

Some doctor’s and labs have lowered the lab ranges for TSH down to 2.5 being the cutoff point for treatment. These doctor’s don’t wait for disease status (100% bad), they start treating you before you get to that point.

If you ever get tired of dealing with doctor’s who fixate on numbers on a piece of paper give Defy Medical and call, they don’t play these numbers games that end up saving insurance companies bilions in healthcare costs.

Thank you both for your input. I’m trying to work my way through the stickies but there’s just so much information I’m trying to digest.

I’m more than willing to call Defy Medical but would they work on my thyroid/estrogen issues or do they basically just give you testosterone and send you on your way? I’d love an expert that can tell me where to begin without having to be my own doctor. That’s been exhausting just to get where I am right now!

Well you are not unique. Just look at the thread about stupid things guys doctors have told them. Its a long trip but its up to you to become educated. You should pretty much read any post by KSMan. He is not a dr but super knowledgeable about this stuff and shares his knowledge freely.

You sign up with them and go in to see a doctor for a physical and labs work, then they go over your labs via phone or video conferencing and set you on a protocol. They can send you your medicine or you can get it where you prefer. Their prices are are the best for the care you receive.