Where to Begin Again After Illness?

Hi, im 6 feet tall and only weight about 136 pounds. I feel horrible I used to be at about 160(which still isnt good) but i felt alot better. I ended up coming down with mono and i havent lifted in about 8 months now. I need to know where to begin. A list of foods to buy, and what would be the best program to get the fastest gains.

Thank you for your time. btw im 16 years old

Fork lifts. Seriously, you should be eating at least 400 cals every 2 hours. I don’t care what you eat as long as you have at least 20g of protein with each meal, and get some veggies in each day Drink a gallon of milk a day on top of that. Do Starting Strength or WS4SB. If you really want to optimize and figure out the absolute best diet and workout program, read everything John Berardi has ever written, and read every article on this site about weight training. However, do that after you start eating and lifting.

I agree with what was already said, but I have to ask, why not just do what you were doing before? It was working for you before you got sick, right?

Also, with illness often comes some degree of dehydration. I would be sure to be getting plenty of water.

How does everyone come down with mono? You’re like, the 8th person on this site that I’ve read that’s come down with mono this year.

Is weightlifting a risk factor or what?

[quote]Otep wrote:
Is weightlifting a risk factor or what?[/quote]
Only if you lick the weights.

Dude, you’re severely underweight, way beyond just skinny. Have your folks or doctor said anything?

Like ninja said, you need to eat much and eat often. Read the nutrition stuff in this article, specifically the Hour of Power, and implement it pronto.:

Be sure to have plenty of calorie-dense foods like nuts and drinks (whole milk, juice with added protein powder), and this is very important… do not stress out about “eating clean.” When we can no longer see your ligaments, we’ll worry about cleaning things up more.

As for training, I’d get back into the swing of things with a super-basic bodyweight routine a few days a week, to get your body used to exertion again. Squat, lunge, push-up, pull-up. That sort of stuff.

And then, like ninja suggested, Starting Strength or Westside for Skinny Bastards would be a fine solution, so would a classic 5x5 program.

Do you/did you do any sports also?

eat cows. eat pigs. eat chickens. eat sea kittens. and lots of them. lift heavy shit and drink cow milk. and lots of it. repeat.

[quote]polo77j wrote:
eat sea kittens. and lots of them. .[/quote] How about land fish?