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Where to Add


I know just adding the extra cals is the most important thing, but I remember reading in an article that when adding in cals (like 250 increments) to try and incorporate them around the workout. I workout very early and ncan't stomach a large meal before lifting so I normally have a scoop of protein, then drink a carb and protein drink partay into my workout, then a solid meal after.

SO would it be optimal to divide the added cals amongst these feedings, such as 2 scoops prior to lifting instead of one, then add some protein/carbs to the during workout shake, then add some protein/carbs to the post workout solid meal?


you’re over thinking it. if you want to add 250 cals, add 250 cals. increase your during training drink if you can stomach it, or add a scoop of whey + a banana to your post workout meal, or something along those lines.