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Where to Add These

I’ve been doing well in weight gains and strength, but wanted to add facepulls and shrugs into my current split. I have an idea where I might put them but thought I’d maybe bounce it off you guys and get some opinions.
mon/tues/thrus/fri split.

day 1
rack pulls 5x5
db row 3x8
db bench 5x5
incline bb bench 3x8
seated calves
weighted ab work

day 2
squats 5x5
hack squat machine 3x8
leg ext 2x12
leg curl 2x12
5x5 incline db curl
3x8 pinwheel curl

day 3
weighted pullups 5x5
hammer strength high row 3x8
standing press 5x5
lateral raises 3x8
calve work (leg press)
weighted ab work

day 4
RDL 5x5
leg stance goodmorning 3x8
bulgarian split squat 2x12
decline close grip bench 5x5
weighted dips 3x8

My height is 5ft 9in, and weight aprox 200lb could be leaner but not worried. Lifting seriously little over 2 years. 5x5 sets are ramped by increasing by 12.5% of the 5th sets weight each set, rest are straight sets. Simple progression of increase weight next time if finished all sets/reps of exercise. You guys probably didn’t need to know most of that but thought would be thorough to help avoid any questions about what I’m currently doing.

Like I said just wondering some opinions on how and where to add in facepulls and shrugs. It’s all working for now, but if anyone feels there’s any glaring problem with rest of it, I’m always open to opinions

Day 1 has at least 26 sets, day 2 12 sets, day 3 at least 18 sets and day 4 18 sets.

From a time perspective I would do them on day 2.

Well, your split is a bit awkward. What type of split is it? It seems to be some sort of push/pull hybrid, but very strange. You have 3 days of pushing movements and 2 days of pulling movements.

All in all thats fine, if you want to keep things the way they are. I’d add facepulls on day1 and switch calves to day 2. I’d skip the shrugs for now. You’ve got rack pulls, and plenty of pulling so there is no need for shrugs IMO.

If I were you, id change things to be a bit more balanced. I’d go with a upper/lower (push/pull) split. The way this would work, is you’d do Upper Push/ Lower Pull, and then Upper pull/ Lower push. So…

Day 1

Rack pull
Leg curl
DB bench
Incline bench

Day 2

Split squat
Leg extension


This seems more balanced to me, but I also personally wouldn’t include so many exercises. I’d go with 2 main lifts for each day, doing a superset, and then probably 3 assistance exercises for higher reps. The majority of my sets would be in the superset, something like 5x5, and then the assistance exercises would be 1-4 sets of max reps (12+) but usually 1-2 sets, unless bulking.

Hope this helps.

[quote]plateau wrote:
Day 1 has at least 26 sets, day 2 12 sets, day 3 at least 18 sets and day 4 18 sets.

From a time perspective I would do them on day 2.[/quote]

I messed up actually, bicep stuff is on day 2.