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Where to Add Negatives to Begin Bodyweight Chins?

I am working with a guy doing a very basic 2 day routine.


DB Rows

He wants to be able to do chins so I thought we would start with some negatives. Where should I place them? Before or after the routine.? Before or after the pulldown and rows. On different days?


Work on static hangs, aiming for 60-90 seconds at the beginning of the workout (during the warm up). It will take a while to get to that range, so work up to it over time.

Super-set 1-2 eccentric chins/pull-ups, working up to 3-5 between each set of the main lift, supplemental and non-pulling assistance lifts.

I think I’ve read that negatives and hangs just make you better at negatives and hangs, but that it doesn’t carry over much to chin-ups and pull-ups.

I’ve gotten good results from a machine in my gym that provides assistance for chin-ups, pull-ups, and dips. I made rapid progress and now can do 10 body weight pull-ups and dips with added weight.

If you don’t have access to a machine like that it is pretty common to use bands to provide assistance, either looping them over the bar or stretching them across a squat rack.

By using assistance you can do the proper movement and not worry about whether the effects carry over.

hangs help grip strength so if you want to be able to bust out 20 chins, you better have a strong grip. I suggest the hangs for shoulder health, not just grip strength. For someone who cannot do a chin up, the should work on the hang which again, helps shoulder health, strengthens grip and and improves mobility. I’m almost 42 years old, weigh 215 pounds and can do 15+ chins per set.

The assisted chin-up/dip machines are garbage; you’ll find a lot of literature out there explaining why; a lot more than write-ups saying hangs or negatives are bad - in fact, you will probably find more articles out there suggesting hangs and eccentric training than not.

Any info on the guy?

In general: I like the greasing the groove approach to acquiring any bodyweight skill. So, whenever he could do a negative chinup is a good time to do a negative chinup as long as his recovery isn’t impaired by it.

Like, he could do it between every set that he does, sure - the pull downs and rows will suffer a bit at first but not to the point of negating their effects.

Specifically though, it will depend on the trainee.

Inverted rows helped me to be able to do pullups more than anything.

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yeah as above loads of inverted rows, TRX etc
I also personally found those assisted pullup machines to be helpful but go heavy 5x5 then super slow negative on last rep, even big pryramid up to a 3RM for the day

I would say this is true for hangs, but negatives absolutely can help with chins.

I also respectfully disagree about inverted rows. People list them all the time, but horizontal pulling never carried over that well to vertical pulling for me.

Banded pull-ups, assisted pull-up machine, and negatives are the best way to build up to a BW pull-up, IMO.

I think the biggest help I got from inverted rows was learning to push or throw my chest to the bar. To me, that’s what let me start progressing with pullups

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