Where to Add Explosive Push-Ups?

Well, I recently read this article: http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=460371

and i want to incorporate it into my routine. I want to do these explosive pushups but I’m pretty sure i cant just fit them into my Rippetoes routine so i may have to change my routine.

I’m thinking of making a split, but even if i do so, how would i go about putting them in(its basically pushups that are explosive and also low weight benching for fast high reps). Do i make a chest day just for this or should i put it in my tricep day or what? Help is appreciated.

Any sot of dynamic training doesnt really fit well into a body-part split bodybuilding routine. But if you use a powerlifter split where you have a bench day you could use explosive push-ups as your accessory lift.

If you still want to stick to having a body-part split, then make chest and triceps on the same day instead of chest and biceps. Then, after you do your main heavy exercise (probably bench press, incline bench press, or Dumbbell Bench Press) you could do the explosive push-ups.

Some people might argue that explosive work should be done first in the workout. In this case doing micro-cycles where you start your workout with explosive push-ups for 2 weeks then go back to heavy lifting for 2 weeks and keep switching.

In my opinion you probably don’t need to be doing speed work unless it’s holding back your already impressive bench press. If you’re involved in a sport that demands faster arm speed there are probably sports specific drills you should be doing before you expend energy on explosive push-ups (speed punching bag).

Finally, push ups really aren’t that taxing to your body. Find the point in your training schedule where your farthest away from the time you train your chest and do your explosive push-ups then. This is my favorite idea.

Just throw it in one day during ripptoes. No need to change to a split. Ripptoes is pretty low volume so you’ll be okay

Alright, im a beginner though, thats why this is in the beginner section and fighting scott, my benching is far from impressive. I guess i’ll just stick them in my rippetoes? Unless someone else has a better suggestion.