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Where to Add 14 Pounds of Muscle?


The Big Question:

If you could put 14lbs of pure symmetrical muscle on any body part but it had to be just one where would you put it?

For example If you said legs it would split between the legs and be 7lbs for each leg.

Obviously this requires more thought than you would first assume as that amount of lean muscle on on body part/s would look odd or would cause serious imbalance elsewhere. (like if you were to say chest you would have some serious rounding of the shoulders.)

This is obviously one of those immature questions but the response could be interesting and insightful.

I'll start by saying Legs. as i always believe that good foundation is key and to me that is one of the only places that you can whack that much muscle with minimum side effects.


My coc-

Ok, I'll act my age :frowning: My legs. I've always had skinny legs, and I'd love some size on em.




How come you can put 7 on each leg while a leg is composed by hams and quads and calves. but for upper body you can only choose chest which is composed by well.. pecs ?

it would be more fair to say torso(abs, chest, v-tapper), Arms(bicep,tricep,neck) or legs(hams quads calves) ?

i dont think you could choose one muscle and put 7 pounds in it without some serious imballances ?


You're on an internet forum being asked a hypothetical question. Stop being so pedantic.

This isn't an exam question it is open to your own interpretation.


Abs/obliques/lower back.

4.666667 lbs on each....


yes but it would be funnier if everyone was answering the same question ?

but then i would like to follow mine and i choose my torso so spread arround my abs, lower back, and lats






I have no idea how heavy you are at the moment or where most of your weight is on your body but imagine that on a 6 ft 170lbs guy.

That would look ridiculous.


This would give your lower back some serious Jipp.

How much do you think you Dead lift max would go up by if this happened? (much to the expense of your back)


I'm 6'0 a soft 250lbs.

It wouldn't be ridiculous, it would make them a strong point.



tibialis anterior, I'd be jacked


Upper back








All Glutes - My gf would be destroyed.

I would be, by far, the best thruster in the universe.


Either my dick or my calfs, but I'd happily have it anywhere.




Definitely split between my traps and my lats. I want some wings


Beans is on an internet forum being asked a hypothetical question. Stop being so pedantic.

This isn't an exam question it is open to his own interpretation.