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Where The Wild Things Are Movie


Does anyone remember reading this as a little kid? I sure did!

Here is the trailer to this movie!




And it's directed by Spike Jonze?

BRB While I go clean up this nerd splooge all over the place.

EDIT: I would recommend this website MUCH more. The other one is not loading correctly.


That book fucking sucked.


greatest book ever...I'm excited





That was such an awesome book. It was weird, because it could have been scary, but it wasn't, it was like visiting a special secret place.

I hope the movie does it justice.


Nah .. vic's onto something ... i read that book a couple weeks ago to my niece ... it fucking blows. As a young kid it was cool, but read it now to a kid and you'll be like "I liked this shit? How?"


But dude... Spike fucking Jonze.

You'll like it all over again... gurr-en-teed.


I dunno ... maybe the movie'll be cool; but honestly, the book ain't all it's cracked up to be.


umm...its a children's book...not Shakespeare. Regardless if you like it or not,its a long established icon of a book...you can't argue against that.


Favourite book as a kid :smiley:


After reviewing that trailer, this film gets my vote for...



This is gonna be epic.


It could be a good drug movie.


Blame your parents. You were supposed to read it before you hit kindergarten.


Thats why its mandatory for college art.


I like where your head's at. I was thinking the same thing.


the book was great... trailer looks creepy and a little, dare I say, ghey. I dunno maybe a good drug/drunk movie.


You can still argue that as an icon it sucks. I do it with children's books and classic rock bands all the time.

Anyway...it's a great fucking book. I used to read it to Sen Jr., Sen the Third and Sen the Fourth all the time. Anything by Maurice Sendak is good.

There's a video of the book that basically just shows the pages of the book and has some famous person reading it. It's a really cool video because all the music is like this mad Russian Klezmer stuff. I think Sendak's a major player in the Russian Jew world.

The video also has One Was Johnny and Chicken Soup With Rice on it and I think it's Carly Simon that sings some songs using the words rather than just reading the words. The songs are actually pretty cool in a gay way.

I took a children's lit class at Uni and went from the library to a pub one time. I had a copy of In The Night Kitchen with me and sat down to tuck into my ploughman's. I was reading the book when this woman came over and said it was her favorite book. We got to chatting and ended up going out that night. Children's books are bigger chick magnets than guitars.


Take it easy, folks. Vicomte likes to stir the pot with his anti-nowhere posturing.

It's all a pose, though. Resume thread.


Book was great. I always fear Hollywood's take on classics. However, this one looks like a winner.