Where the Huskers at? Midwest T-Nation

Alright, I know there’s got to be more of you roaming on here, fellow Nebraskans! Jason B, Cy, grunt, mrcold, who else is there? Let’s get something organized here. I think all of you are from Omaha…I may be up there in the near future…we should hook up. Let me know.

Hey I lift at north golds it is less than a 1/2 mile from my apt. I am curently using the mag-10 split work out since I started using mag-10 last monday. My work out times are 11-1 in the morning then 12-2 at night. I currently work swings for oppd so my hours are weird. I would like to back on a powerlifting work out but need a kick in the arzzz and a REAL spotter to keep me going.

I’ll have to look you up. The owner of the GNC I manage lives up there and I’ve been meaning to get up there one of these days, and I’m planning on getting my first tattoo up there (T-Mag will be proud) so I was hoping to meet some of the Omaha guys. There’s a small chance I may end up moving there, but that wouldn’t happen for at least a few months. It’d be nice to train at a REAL gym…I get sick of the fucking YMCA (Lord help me…the music is attrocious!), although I get everything done that I need to, and I don’t have enough room in my current apt. to set up my full home gym.

I’m a student and volunteer strength coach at UNL.

My brother in law lives in Crete and regularly goes to this GNC at Southgate (I think) in Lincoln and this guy sells almost all of the Biotest line. Big mutha named Chad runs it. He’s cool as hell, makes good deals too.

I know I am already known as being in Omaha, but am saying HEY anyway. If anyone figures anything out let me know. I don’t think I have the time to be an organizer of anything, so I will have to wait for someone else to take it upon themselves.

Damn, Grunt, I wonder who you are now. I live in that gym, so I’m sure I’ve seen you 1000 times.

Well, I don’t consider myself a “Husker” :slight_smile: , but I am from Iowa. I’m only about an hour from Omaha. I go to school in South Dakota right now though. South Dakota State U. is only about 3 hours from Omaha, so I’m not real far away. I’ve e-mailed Cy a couple times and was going to meet up with him and train once, but I got too busy over the summer… ended up living in South Dakota and working.
I think all of us that are fairly close to Omaha should meet up sometime.

I’m sure Cy has a nice place here in Omaha, maybe we should just have a party at his place for all of the T-maggers here…

Hey mr. cold do you know all the counter staff at north golds… Eric,Keith, Early…etc. I am about 5"8 and were addias split sole wresteling shoes(black w/ white stripes). I always look pissed and I just shaved my head.

You know there is a Ice house right next to North golds. It would be great to get eveyone to meet there and talk about suplements and lifting therories that have or have not worked for them. I can see it now…People the table over giving us weird looks when they here the use of words such as Methoxy or tribulus tetruss, or mag-10. They will probably think we are meth cookers from plattsmouth.

Yeah, I know Eric and Keith…I think they should know who I am. Kinda funny, I’m about 5’7", just shaved my head, and walk around there looking pissed off. I think I know who you are, though. I’ll only be around there early for awhile now, unfortunately…5 or 6 am. Job’s screwing up my lifting schedule.

I’ve heard the Icehouse is a kick-ass sports bar. What is everyone doing next Sunday? I’ve got the weekend off and could easily make a road trip out of it. I’d get to watch my fantasy football team kick some ass too. Let me know if this is feasible.

Actually, if you had some guy talk shit to you a couple weeks ago about doing leg press with a stack of plates then adding a 2-1/2 to each side, that was me.

Yeah I rember you… I think my resopnse was…"it all feels the same. To bad your work has messed up your work times. Let me know when you do not have to lift in the morning. I think you the calf lift.

Hey I might have this weekend off and be able to go to the Ice house. I live over at 108th and blondo. I will know by thursday. I will keep you posted.

Yep, that was me. That’s kind of funny.

I don’t know, my choice is either 5 am or 5 pm, and that place sucks at 5 pm. So for now it looks like I’ll be getting up early.

Yeah, let me know. If we can get a few to go I’ll make the drive on Sunday. Anyone else?

Hey I am off on sunday. I can make it work. How about you Mr. cold can you make it. We just need a time. If any one else want to come that would be great. If Montly is going to come down here I have some nice other bars (if we dont talk to long about lifting) in the old market he might want to see. Hell If you all come early enough we just might go to golds first then to the bar (no problems getting any one in to golds). Let me know if you can make it.

Weather permitting…I can make it. I don’t normally train on Sundays…right now I’m doing Meltdown I on MTTHF. I guess I could modify, but Meltdown doesn’t lend itself well to working out w. partners w. the rest intervals. I’d love to see a Gold’s though…trained at one in Lincoln a couple months ago. Not overly familiar w. the Metro area so I’ll probably need directions to wherever we go, but I would definitely make the trip if a few of you can make it as well. I’ll keep checking in.