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Where Should T-Nation Advertise?


First of all, I don't know if those in charge of this place consider T-Nation above something like advertising on the internet.

This is not an ironic statement. It's a choice, and a good one sometimes, and I'm not about to start judging people based on it.

However, we have all seen the recent sponsorship of Georges Saint Pierre by T-Nation, and it's results. The Spike logo plastered all over his shorts while he was beating the crap out of a fighter that every middleweight in the UFC has feared for the past 4 years. The man was undefeated prior to tonight, then monsieur "I take Spike" came along and whooped his ass.

GSP is an extraordinary athlete and I am sure that was some good exposure. But, if I owned T-Nation, I would consider that just the beginning.

There are a lot of MMA sites out there, and some of them quite big. As the sport grows, so will the number of visitors. Some of these sites and forums are larger than T-Nation, yet Biotest would find it very easy to advertise there.

I was reading the supplement expose by Tim Patterson. Make it a bit shorter, but keep the honesty and the heartfelt tone. Mix it up with some honest, heartfelt reviews of the supplements, done by GSP, with the science behind them by Tim Patterson.

Plug this on the larger MMA sites, they are surprisingly cheap to advertise on, compared with traditional media, their readers are supplement users, and through their very nature inclined towards "hardcore" things.

Make such a presentation, and also introduce them to the T-Nation sites and all the various experts that write here. Sure, a certain amout of work would go into such a campaign, but it would certainly pay off, as this site would...grow.


In mcdonalds...

It should read something like "Visit www.T-Nation.com, fatass. Yeah you, fatass."


T-Nation already gets a billion visitors. It is not a money making venture for Biotest. Why would they advertise T-Nation?


They have in the past. I found my way here back in 2003 via an add in Muscle Media.

Why was I reading Muscle Media?

Hey Shut Up okay, leave me alone.


Why would you even want them to advertise this place? Seriously, why?


Agreed. T-Nation already had tons of visitors, it's members just need to start trusting the product and giving back a little. I am a Biotest user through and through, the quality of the products will keep me coming back. They just need to get more people to try the products and experiance it for themselves.

I think the best idea I have heard was that article a while back where they put someone on a free sample of Spike and had him write an article on it. I loved that, and my next order included a bottle of Spike.


Yes, more people need to try out the products. But in order for that to happen, what they really need is to create an avalanche of good feedback, not just on T-Nation. And for that to happen, T-Nation has to get big.

I know it sounds strange, but it's the fame factor.

Anyway, I was suggesting MMA fans because they have a propensity for the extreme, which goes hand in hand with T-Nation.


T-Nation is already huge and the fact of the matter is that we don't need 1,000,000 new trolls running around on these forums.