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Where Should Lifts be When Switching to WS4SB?

Just wondering if your lifts should be at a certain point or if it is basically a begginner program. (I am talking compared to your bodyweight)

Read the article, He explains it pretty well.

I think he assumes competance in all the lifts you are doing so you should be at the point where you can do them all without shaking or getting DOMS. Since strength is an individual thing particular numbers or percentages shouldnt really be a factor.

Where is this article, i downloaded WS4SB article on my computer but it doesn’t mention that unless i missed it or misunderstood it.

No i meant that everything is explained pretty well, he says this is a program for inexperienced lifters who lack muscle mass. he also mentions that there is no need to be a robot so you have to customize the program for yourself and he has Tons of variations that he uses for seperate clients.

From this I think it’s pretty obvious that there is no ‘strength requirement’ built into the program.