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Where Should I Travel To?

I have a lot of time on my hands today so here’s the second thread of the day.

Where should I travel to? I’m not planning any specific trips right now, but I enjoy traveling and want to be able to see places throughout my life, so where do people recommend?

Notable cities in the U.S. that I’ve been to are L.A., Vegas, Houston, Twin Cities, Philly, D.C…think that’s it. Been hiking in NV, Yellowstone, and the Black Hills. I’d like to get to CO this summer - both for Denver and the mountains.

For international travel I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Germany and some in Holland. Went to Amsterdam and Venice as a very young kid, so I’d like to repeat those trips now that I’ll remember them.

I want to trace the steps from the secret life of Walter Mitty

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That’d be cool. Where all was he? Greenland, and then what, Nepal or something? With the snow leopards. Was there anywhere else? But Greenland looked very cool. Remote and not very populated but that’s fine - it seems beautiful.

I’m not exactly sure. One day I’ll know, and actually go though.

Denver and the mountains there was absolutely awesome.

My sister just went to Iceland and had a blast

Really not a right now destination, but China

Anywhere specific?

Wikipedia says it was multiple places in Greenland and Iceland, and then the Himalayas. I’m not sure about the Himalayas - definitely be cool to have gone, but I’m no mountain climber, haha.

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Tuscany. Top of my bucket list right now.

Mexico City.

I’m assuming you don’t speak mandrin so a big city would probably be easier

Shanghai has pretty much everything, and good soup dumplings
Chengdu is know for it’s spicy food/hot pot, and there’s a panda enclosure relatively close
Beijing has the stereotypical stuff- tienanmen square, etc. Haven’t been there myself
Zhejiang has a place with a large Buddha’s relatively close
Specific sightseeing places you might want to Google @anna_5588 or @dt79 may be more well versed,( I’ve only been twice)

It gets really really hot in July-Aug
A word on the liquor: it’s 53%, and the cheap stuff is allegedly cut with paint thinner/other shit. Buy stuff that’s >=~1 yuan/oz (Atleast that’s what my father recommend).
Some street food stands are open really late, like 3am, be adventurous with the food selection
You can bargain with smaller stores/stands. You might be highballed because you look like a foreigner (no idea). “Dûo sháo qían” means ‘how much is this?’.
1$ =7-8 yuan, so spending 100 yuan is like 15$
Don’t wear flashy shit. Self explanatory
go to an actual breakfast shop, they open early and stay open. There’s Fried dough - you tiao, bao zhi/man tou- steamed buns, dou jiang- soy milk, good savory too, and other stuff. Also breakfast stands: jian bing, da bing, etc are worth checking out. Probably will be better than the hotel


The only reason I left Barcelona was that I had more stops on my vacation. Loved that place. Lisbon was also pretty awesome, as was Ecuador.

For my honey moon, we went to Lisbon, Madrid and Barcelona … all 3 great, fun, interesting and unique cities.

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I’ve been pondering this same question lately. Five weeks paid vacation this year and I’m thinking about using an entire month for some real travel adventures.

My wife and I actually had a drink at a bar that was in the movie, it was in Stykkisholmur (not spelled right) in Iceland.

To the OP - I can’t recommend Iceland enough, the place is fucking incredible. Reykjavik alone is worth a week, but you could tour the country for months and not be bored. Trips take a lot of planning to get the most out of them.

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Iceland is on my near future list. From MN airfare is really affordable. Just checked on google flights, and a 1 way round trip can be had for $423. Only 6 hours one way too.

Alaska is also on my near future list. Would love to climb Denali (the tallest base to peak mountain).

I’ve never been there but the Nordic states would be great. In fact, there is an 8 day Baltic sea cruise that stops in about 9 cities that my parents went on. Its a good way to see a lot of different cities in a short time

I’m more active/adventurous than most (cruises are my nightmare), so keep that in mind:

Lofoten, Norway
Anywhere on Hawaii (everything good about the tropics, plus dramatic scenery with active stuff to do)
Great barrier reef (what’s left of it. Won’t be there in a decade or two but still the largest living coral reef by a Longshot)
Croatia. Think the beaches of Greece with alps like mountains
Chamonix, France. Biggest, steepest mtns I’ve ever seen and mountains are my thing.
I’ve heard Cartegena Colombia is paradise and safer than you’d think
Zion/arches/Moab/Grand canyon
Tangier and casablanca, morroco
Dolomites in Italy
Canoe portage trip in boundary Waters NP in minnesota

International picks are Tuscany and Ireland, within the US New England for north and the Charleston, NC area for south. You should hit New York City at some point.

Thanks everybody.

My best friend wants a group of our high school buddies to go there sometime. Mostly because we can legally drink. Not sure he has any other reasoning beyond that.

Crazy story about Mexico City:

So, my uncle’s girlfriend’s brother’s brother-in-law was on vacation there with his wife and children. The dude was by most accounts totally normal and would have probably been described as mentally stable (I’ve never met him). His wife and him get into it, don’t speak for a few hours, then she gets a text from him saying he is up on the hotel roof and if she doesn’t apologize, he’s going to jump. The argument, whatever it was over, was apparently pretty trivial, and he’s never expressed depressed or suicidal feelings, so she’s like what? Didn’t take it that seriously. Must’ve texted something back, then starts to head up to the roof to see what’s going on, and he’s already jumped.

That’s it. While on vacation with his kids, he killed himself over an argument. The police (I have no idea the quality or integrity of the ones in that specific city) found no signs of foul play, from her or anyone else. By all accounts, the husband just lost it.

Thanks for all the details @alex_yu - my uncle was offered a job in Beijing but turned it down for one in Venezuela, so at one point I thought I’d have a reason to visit, but China’s always been interesting to me. It’s very typical but I’d like to see the Great Wall.

Sounds like the Iberian Peninsula is getting some love - it certainly looks great from what I’ve seen, and I’m a big soccer (sorry, football) fan so maybe someday I could make it over and see a game.

I’m surprised by Iceland - I think the nature looks great but I didn’t know the cities were all that cool. I like the climate of those places though - I know there’s some variation but Iceland, Greenland, Canada, Alaska, Scandinavia…I love me some near-Arctic places (I think).

I like the sound of Hawaii but for some reason I’ve always felt it’d be overrated. You enjoyed it?

Somewhere I want to go is Petra, but I feel like I remember hearing some terrorist group had destroyed part of it recently…can’t remember.

Oh, and there’s this staute of a god or something laying on it’s side in…Sri Lanka I think? Looks cool too, I’d check it out.

Everything great about the carribean, Hawaii has. But, the landscape is much more dramatic, more active stuff to do, better diving and snorkeling, surfing, volcanos, etc. Plus it has all the benefits of being a US state.

That said, if you are into cruises and just laying on the beach at a resort, I can see how you’d think HI was overrated. In that case, just go to Puerto Rico.