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Where Should I Measure?

I’d like to start keeping measurements so I have more than pictures to go by.

I was wondering where I should measure.

Biceps, forearms, thighs, calves, chest, abdomen, neck…

Any others? Any of these I shouldn’t bother with?


Well somehow I don’t think your neck is gonna get much bigger…

Just make sure you always measure from the same spot.

Thanks. =D

I like to measure my waist once every week or two. Lets me know where the weight is going.

Measure everything every month or so.

Get Weight and bodyfat if you can.

Also recording your lifts is a good idea.

Pick 4 upper body and 4 lower body lifts, track your maxes.

As long as you’re progressing SOMEWHERE you’re doing something right.

[quote]Sxio wrote:
Well somehow I don’t think your neck is gonna get much bigger…

Just make sure you always measure from the same spot. [/quote]

Actually, his neck will get bigger. Direct neck work, shrugs, and any straining while lifting all contribute.

Good point about choosing the same spot every time.

He might also measure around the shoulders, although it’s a little hard to do solo.

I measure monthly. Pants give constant feedback about the waist.

Big. Old. Pissed off.

Unless he’s doing direct neck work, most of the size gains will be in his traps.

Therefore, his neck will not get much bigger.

If you’re one of those people blessed with fast and easy glute growth, you may also consider taking a hip measurement. In men, hip and thigh measurements are usually very closely correlated with fitness (bigger=better), since most of us don’t store much fat in these spots. I should also add that the average out-of-shape, soft-around-the-middle middle aged man has an increasingly tube-shaped midsection supported upon chicken legs. Moderately pudgy waists of 35"-37" are average, along with 39" hips and 22" (or smaller!) thighs. I don’t understand how their pants stay on.

I have the same problem as Joker. I have no idea where to measure, but I’m taking some measurements anyway. Feel free to laugh

neck(almost to collarbone): 16"
waist(at the navel): 41" -yeah I’m a fat boy
arm(thickest point): 15.75"
hips(biggest spot at glutes):45"
thighs(9" from knee):23"
calf(thickest point):16.5

Just began lifting 6months ago. lifting seriously on a full body routine twice a week mid-january.
1rm bench:180
squat 1rm 240