Where Should I Be?

I am playing D-1 football this fall and will be a Full-back/linebacker. what should my numbers look like, specifically 40yd, squat, clean, and bench? I am 6’2" 235lbs.

I will post my numbers when I get replies. I want to do a blind study to see if I measure up. Thanks.

Clean at least 300lbs

Here’s a few charts you can use to compare numbers:


Screw the gym numbers hows your game???


As far as the 40 a 4.7 at any of those positions would be more than good enough. The typically slowest you wanna be at those positions is like a 4.85, but that might be considered a little too slow to play OLB but that sure doesn’t mean it’s impossible. FB’s can be, depending on the scheme as slow as a 5, but it’s all about game speed

You replies are pretty uch dead on with what I have heard. Here are my actual numbers, no inflations.

Power Clean-295
Hang Clean-320
40 yd.-4.7

To the guy who asked how my game is… I was on the team 2 years ago and played defensive end at 240. I lost 20 lbs the first couple of weeks and still layed out the o-linemen. I am a nut case with my helmet on, and thrive on contact.

i have also never been knocked backward with the ball in my posession. I expect to have a learning curve because I have never played full-back, but I love to hit, so I don’t see it being too much of a problem.

I played NAIA ball as an o lineman. I went in at 6’1" 235, bp 385, sq 500, HC 315, 40 5.02. The big one is the 40 time, another big on is the pro agility. You will need speed to play linebacker.

Its harder for coaches to teach speed than it is for them to find it. My point is be fast when you get there. The coaches will worry about putting more weight on your lifts in your freshmen weight groups.

[quote]Phill wrote:
Screw the gym numbers hows your game???


Gotta agree with Phill on that one, Im a D1 player, and the main thing that matters coming into camp is if you have skills to play the game. I wouldnt worry about numbers cuz the strength will come pretty fast once you get in that college weightroom. good look man

what college are you at?

East Carolina