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Where Should I Be?


I'm basically an untrained lifter. I just started working out this past few days doing Starting Strength. Here are my initial numbers for my lifts (please don't laugh).

I'm 33, 5'6" @ 140 lbs

Squat - 3x5 @ 90 lbs
Bench - 3x5 @ 85 lbs
OHP - 3x5 @ 70 lbs
Deadlift - 1x5 @ 155 lbs

Keep in mind I tried to do these with the best form possible and there was a bunch of practice sets on form before I did the final 3x5s.

Where do you think these lifts should be 3, 6, 9 and 12 months from now? I was hoping I could use these numbers to track my progress so that if in 3 months I haven't reached a certain number I know I need to push more, etc.

BTW I know I've been a douche in my previous two posts. I promise to stop being a dick. Thanks!


No one can tell you where you will be in X amount of time. Just take each session with passion and train your ass off. Eat to grow. Rest to rest and you will make progress.

There's tons of resources here to help you get stronger. Listen to what people here tell you.


Following it dead on adding 5#'s each session is an extra 60# per lift in 3 months. Shoot for that but don't get discouraged if you have to deload and aren't there, it'll come


Corst gives good advice, don't forget to eat and rest in particular.

Out of curiosity, so you say you're untrained yet have been a member here since 2007 and have over 1000 posts. What were you doing this whole time?


Well, if you're using with 5lb increases a session for bench and OHP, and 10lb increases for squat and deadlift...

Every 2 weeks: Bench and OHP should go up 15lbs; Deadlift and Squat should go up 30lbs
Every 3 months: Bench and OHP should go up 90lbs; Deadlift and Squat should go up 180lbs

You could, theoretically, set that as a goal. I don't think it's a good idea. Especially since eventually you'll move to taking smaller jumps, and deloads, and all sorts of things.

Realistically, just focus on beating your numbers week in, week out. If you're not beating your numbers, you're not getting stronger. Whatever it takes to continually beat your numbers is the thing you should be doing... whether that's more recovery, more/less volume, better nutrition, deloads.

And also, log your workouts if you're not already doing it. Log your workouts, how you're feeling that day, if anything is hurting (or feeling better), stuff like that. If you have a bad day in the gym, it helps to know what factors might have affected it. If you keep getting a twinge in your knee when squatting, it helps to track that.


I took up lifting six years ago. Stuck to it for six months. Got bigger, but fatter. Just got fed up with it after a while. Looking back I didn't have the right resolve and didn't do things properly. Since then I've basically done no lifting. I finally feel like I have the mental fortitude to do this shit properly. I lacked that back then and eventually shit fell apart. Determined to not let that happen this time.


I have been seriously lifting for about a year now. Im Similar sized to you.
5'5" 155lb
I started at 135lb
My current lifts are:
Squat 265
Bench 200
DL 330
Press 125

So, just to give you an idea of what a similar sized person has done? Although, a little bit younger at 20.