Where Should a 18 YO, 1.8 Meter & 98 kg Start?

I will be as brief as possible
I’m new to lifting and I want your help
I prefer forums because they consist from experienced guys who don’t have profit to mislead you or try to sell you something

What I’m looking for is to get stronger and healthier body
From my research I found the most suitable two for me where HIIT and Powerlifting but I don’t know which one to start with
I’m looking for you gentlemen

P.S.: no roids pls

Couple questions…

  1. Do you know the basics of lifting? How new are you? It would be pointless to describe workouts to you if you don’t know what the terms mean.
  2. What are your available days / time periods to work out?
  3. Do you have funds or access to all types of food or is this limited in spectrum? Nutrition is equally important if not more so than exercise.
  4. What are your short term and long terms goals for exercising? This will help dictate which type of program you should be on.
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Thanks for help

1- I have read some programs and fitness books, good knowledge to the terms and acronyms, I’ve went to gym few times with my relatives but no real thing

2- I can find a time when it needs
Don’t have problems from that point

3- I can afford almost any type food on the market but the market itself is quite limited (e.g. no fresh seafood)

4- To have a good overall health and endocrine health

Responses 1-3 are great. That opens you to almost any program. Regarding the above quoted response to item 4, you could accomplish overall health in a plethora of ways. Do you have anything more specific? Such as… I want to improve my ability in XYZ sport, I want to run/swim a faster XYZ, I want to build a bigger more muscular body, I want to get more lean, I have specific lifts I want to improve… you get my point? Any specific goals?

Oh that way you mean

I want to improve performance in martial arts as priority, I also want to have higher stamina on running, running faster

I don’t have a body aesthetics goals, not priority but I know it comes spontaneously by itself with good training and health

Ok awesome. This we can work with. Unfortunately, it’s the opposite of my training ‘specialty’ as I prefer bodybuilding / powerlifting. You would probably benefit more from HIIT / Circuit Training etc. Somebody should be able to chime in that has more of a martials arts or MMA background that can assist you in both strength / endurance training.

Huge thanks man

Hope you have a good day

I’m wondering what made you say in your first post that you felt like ‘powerlifting’ was a good way to get to your goals, considering what you’ve said in subsequent post. What about powerlifting appeals to you?

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What sort of martial arts are you talking about? Full on MMA, Judo, BJJ, Boxing (what I would call full contact) or something like point scoring Karate or Taekwondo?

What is your training like at the moment? IE - if you are doing MMA 3x a week including a beasting session with semi contact sparing - that is different to doing Judo technique 2x week with no great demand on your body.

A simple list would go a long way:
Day of the week - Sport - intensity level.

Getting stronger muscles? Isn’t it?

1/Kickboxing/Beginner (Planning to add other martial arts)

When I was wrestling, we did a lot of:

  • Power cleans
  • Bench press
  • Pull-ups
  • Walking lunges (unweighted and for long distances)
  • Jump rope
  • Running stairs

For super basic gym programming that can be abbreviated to allow for sports, it’s hard to go wrong with 5/3/1.


IMO, most everything I know about weight training would be counterproductive for any of the fight disciplines.

That said, I would incorporate quick movements like the power cleans (real physics power: ft-lbs per second) plus anything that requires conditioning, conditioning, and more conditioning.

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Literally any program that involves lifting weights gets you stronger. That’s why I asked how you came to the conclusion that powerlifting made sense for you.

Powerlifting is centered around just 3 movements. bench press, squat, and deadlift. Training specifically for this sport will improve your ability to perform these 3 movements. It will improve your static strength, specifically, in these areas.

Olympic lifting is centered around 2 movements. snatch and clean&jerk. Training specifically for this sport will improve your ability to perform these 2 movements. It will improve your static strength and your dynamic strength. It can also improve your coordination/reflexes.

Dynamic/speed-related strength, and static strength, are different. Training hard for powerlifting, depending on how you do it, can make you slower and less athletic.

Just saying ‘I want to get stronger’ is far more vague than you think it is. You will be better off saying ‘I want to accomplish X Y and Z tasks at a higher level/more efficiently. What should my training look like to get there?’


5/3/1 for the athuleet


This is so true. Training hard for powerlifting can also mean taking the emphasis off of conditioning. No need to be able to last 5 x 3 min boxing rounds if you only have to exert your self 9 times for the duration of a powerlifting comp.

My advice is - fartlek training. Its like HIIT but there are no “rest” periods. Much like a boxing bout. Its been a staple of boxing training for years. It got the recent Swedish name as it means “speed play”.
How you do it is EASY. Pick 2 points it will take you 4-6mins to jog between. Set off. Introduce 2 10-20 second sprints in middle of the jog.
So it goes, jog, sprint, jog, sprint, jog. At the end of the course - take a few moments. And come back doing exactly the same. Repeat this.
Of course as time goes on do a longer jog, with more sprints that last longer. But the bones of it are there.

As for strength - if you are rank beginner I would suggest press ups, pull ups (inverted rows) and goblet squats. Just get good at these for now. For some reason I find that body weight exercises and goblet squats take less out of me. I can do press ups and pull ups much more often than I can do bench and bent over row.

531 athletes linked above is a good choice

Something like this worth a look also…


Thanks for help everyone

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