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Where Santa Comes From


This is very well done.....at the 5:00 mark I nearly died laughing.

This is part 2 actually, part one is very good too.


that was awesome.

Do you know what these are all about Nards? Is it like a series of different ones that they do or what?


Well I just found this. It seems as though there's an actual movie now. The original I think was just one of things made for the internet.
It looks like they went too far and made it a full on horror, though I'm sure still with some humor.



But let's go back to the original....sorry for posting them out of order , but this here is the first one:


Im not sure what the fuck thhat was... but I'm going to try to lay off the cursing.


Nice find!


I was just thinking of all the different reincarnations of Santa there is out there. Take a look at Dutch Santa 'Sinterklaas' and his helpers.


Lol wow.


When I was a kid we went to a Ukrainian Catholic church and every year Santa would be dressed like that for the kid's party.
We didn't get his helpers (un?)fortunately.


Your right nards, the 5:00 mark is killer lol, matrix santa. Now we just need some finn to tell us what that guy said to ol' st.nick just before he smashed the bottle. I thought the kid was going to do santa himself.