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Where Next?


I have followed Schuler and Cosgrove's Hypertrophy I and II programmes (from The New Rules of Lifting) and seen good gains, both in terms of beating records and comments from friends who have seen me grow.
With a months holiday from University approaching, I have been wondering what I should do next.I have an EZ bar and dumbbells but they aren't really heavy enough any more for the big exercises such as rows, deadlifts etc
Although my goal now is to shed excess fat and retain as much muscle as possible, should I:

1) Take the whole month off to recover
2) Take a week off and then go into the "Fat Loss" workouts, bearing in mind my weights may not be heavy enough...
3) Re-think my training strategy and try and find something new

Thanks :slightly_smiling:


There are some gyms relatively near by but I don't know what they are like in terms of equipment and I've also got a bi of a cashflow problem at the moment...


I'm not very familiar with those programs, but...
1) lol wut? Why would you take a month off?
2,3) If what you were doing was working for you, why change it?


Meal Ticket - I think you have a very good point, the programmes were working fine and its just occurred to me that if I were to tweak my nutrition a bit and add some cardio I could lose the fat as well...

I guess the main problem for me now is that I don't have access to a gym, only relatively light weights


Yea I understand that. I would try like hell to find a gym to get to if I were you though. It sounds like you're pleased with the progress you've made thus far. Taking a month off because you don't have access to a gym could set you back quite a bit.


You're right...it would mean trying to get a job to pay for the membership and thats easier said than done where I live...

btw - the Schuler and Cosgrove stuff is relatively simple: -

Last year: Upper Body / Lower Body Split - pretty much all basic compound movements, with no machine work at all but I threw in some isolation stuff as well (despite their utter hatred of it)

This year: Same strategy by now split into: Horizontal Push/Pull, Vertical Push/Pull and then Lower Body


Time for a part time job - which is easier said than done where I live ...I won't totally rule it out though...
I have been experimenting a bit with bodyweight and unilateral movements - I could mimic the workouts to an extent, but I cannot substitute a lat pull down ( I can only do about 5 very sloppy pull ups)
Don't think that will be as effective as the gym tho :confused:


If you have something you can do pull ups on you can put your feet on a chair to lower the resistance a little bit.


Theres a football goal near me where I could easily do negatives and chins until I get up to a decent number of good form pulls.
I think I have enough weight to make bulgarian split squats and single leg deadlifts effective . Dumbbell row to the chest is also pretty tough with the weights I have ....


Why is finding a job so difficult? Hard labor seems to always be in high demand during the summer.


I tried to get one last summer and only got one towards the end (for very few hours a week) I will just have to see what happens on that front - who knows I could get lucky! I could even find a gym close to home thats better than my university one (ie - one with a real squat rack!) I guess time will tell ...